CapCut Vs InShot

The video editing has undergone a significant transformation in recent years, with the rise of mobile apps that enable content creators to produce high-quality content. In the world of video editing, two apps have emerged as a high-quality video editing application for mobile phone users. These two video editing applications are CapCut and InShot. Both apps have millions of downloads and users. Both offer a lot of advanced video editing features to enhance the visual content, but choosing the right and best video editing application between both is difficult. This article provides the detailed information about these two video editing application and at last we conclude our thought with the best application for the users.



InShot is also an Android and IOS mobile application. This application enables to the users to edit pictures as well as videos. In simple words, the users can edit their pictures, instead of using an editing app for video editing only. It can be used for video editing tasks with advanced features like removing background noise, video enhancement and adding filters and much more. It has pre-designed filters and effects that can change the entire look of the video and image. This is why the users can edit their pictures professionally before sharing them with anyone. There are multiple feature InShot has but the most prominent feature available in InShot is to change the video format. It means the user can change the video format if it is incompatible with the concerned platform uploading. For this, it must buy its premium plan as it is not available in the free version.


CapCut is a free, dynamic, and full-of-feature application for the android users. Some highlighting features of CapCut include auto-captions, removing backgrounds, upscaling videos, AI-based color correction, photo colorizer, portrait generator, and many more. Additionally, the basic video editing feature are includes Trim, cut, spit, merge, dynamic transitions, time lapse, slow motion, diverse fonts, styles, templates, Chroma key, animation, auto caption, unique filters and more. It offers free downloading and more than 500 million users have already downloaded the application on play store. More than 8 million users have provided a 4.4-star rating for. It trends as the #1 Top free in video players and editors. Its size is 135 megabytes. It is recommended to use Android 5.0 or above for smooth application usage.

Key Differences between CapCut and InShot

CapCut and InShot have some key differences and its make one better than the other for particular users. Undoubtedly, you can reduce background noise on iPhone video using any of these. But the additional features make them different from each other. Here, we have discussed some factors that can differentiate these two video editing applications.





Android, IOS, Windows, & Mac

Android & IOS


Free with premium plans

Free with premium plans

AI Tool



Export Quality



Image Editing



Video Editing



Good For

Video editors/creators

Image and Video makers





The first major difference we have noticed through the given chart is the compatibility of working between these two. Both of the application has support Android and IOS mobile devices. But InShot doesn’t support Windows, Linux, or Mac, which makes CapCut better than this. However, CapCut can be use on laptop or computer for editing purposes compared to InShot.

Pricing System

When it comes to pricing system InShot has the better pricing over CapCut. The user can get its paid subscription for $3.99 per month, while Capcut has the lowest package for $7.99. But both of the apps provides free versions of these editing apps for video editing. However, the features will be limited in the free version. The user can also try both applications as a paid member in a free trial that makes it suitable for everyone to check before buying. Due to its lower price, InShot is also fit for a small business instead of professional content creators. The user can also get lifetime access to its paid versions, as it is available in the list.


InShot and Capcut both looks fantastic as compared to their editing features. They both have basic editing features but they both are different in advance video editing features. Such as CapCut has multiple AI Features but InShot does not support multiple AI tools to editing images and videos. Furthermore, InShot is far behind for allowing the user to use an AI video editor only. The user must have to perform the maximum of work manually by following different steps. Secondly, the background removal feature is available in Capcut, while InShot doesn’t have this.

However, InShot allows to use a collage maker, while Capcut doesn’t support it. So, if the user wants to use a collage in Capcut, he must use an additional tool. Shortly, it is right that Capcut is better than InShot, but InShot has some options that CapCut does not have.


If we look at the popularity, Capcut and InShot both have huge popularity among mobile editor application. It is wrong to say that one is better than the other. Both of the applications have their different users and that comes from the different sectors. For example, Capcut is used mostly for by those who are looking to make or edit short videos. On the other hand, InShot is only used by image editors or collage makers.

Which one is better for video editing?

After reading the whole article about Capcut vs InShot, the most important thing to consider is which is better than the other. By reading the above sections, you may have an idea.

CapCut: CapCut is better than InShot when it comes to editing videos. It has different options, like a tool to reduce background noise on iPhone video, which makes it a good choice for the video editors.

InShot: On the other side, InShot is better for those who love to edit pictures or make collages. Using its advanced functions, the user can easily edit any picture within a second. It has multiple editing filters that can help while editing. Moreover, it is better app for sharing content on different social media platform. It supports different layouts to get images in the right dimensions.

In short, one tool is better than another in some conditions only. You can’t say Capcut will always be better than InShot or vice versa.

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