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In this digital world, making podcasts is getting more reach and every podcaster wants to be professional in this field. The perfect podcast setup can help the podcaster to stand out in the competitive market. A dedicated podcast studio with perfect equipment setup can be great for both audio and video podcasts. If you do not have enough money or expertise to set up a professional podcast setup, it is not necessary to invest thousands of dollars for making your own podcast setup. Because the podcast can be recorded in any room that can be converted into any ideal space for podcast setup, you need a high-quality microphone, camera and some basic equipment. This blog provides the best podcast setup ideas that will help you to grow your podcast among the audience.

Basic needs for Podcast setup

A podcast setup starts with the basic need of recording podcasts. The podcaster must need all the basic equipment to make quality podcast results. However, recording in a suitable environment with the right tools, recording and editing software can also convert the raw footage into high-quality engaging visuals.

The needs are given below:

  • A reliable camera
  • High-quality microphone
  • Good background
  • PC device
  • Proper lighting
  • Podcast recording and editing software
  • Sofa and desk
  • Branding, decorations are optional.

Consideration before designing podcast setup

Before designing podcast setup, there are multiple things to consider. It will help the podcaster to make high quality podcast recording.

  • Right Equipment: It is crucial to invest in high-quality equipment to record a video podcast. Consider purchasing a good camera, microphone, and lighting equipment to ensure the podcast’s good-quality audio and visuals. Moreover, using state of the art methods of editing, along with advanced versions of editing software will make the content appealing to the viewers. Investing in good equipment is critical to record a video podcast. It is preferred to purchase a camera that supports 4k videography or high-resolution visuals and has excellent battery time to register to your Podcast. For example, cameras like Sony, Nikon, and Canon. These cameras have all the features to record a good podcast. For audio, good quality microphones with a strong base and the capability to record crystal clear voices without noise are essential. It would be better to purchase Boya or Rode microphones. In terms of lighting, choose LED panels.


  • Environment/soundproofing: The environment also plays an important role to produce better quality. Record the podcast in the small and quiet room that reduces the echoes and outside noises. The windows should be shut and turn off any machines or devices that make a constant noise. Fill your recording environment with soft items (couches, pillows, carpet, etc.) that absorb the unnecessary sounds and noises.

Here are the some podcast setup ideas which includes:

1. Themed based background

A themed podcast can help the podcaster to draw attention on the topic using visual cues. It also captures the audience’s attention that gives the better idea of what to expect from the podcast. If the podcast contains the topic related to nature, a themed background is a premium choice.

2. Lighting

There are lots of lighting options available such as smart lighting, natural lighting and neon lighting. A good choice of lighting can really brighten the podcast through its engaging visuals. However, lighting helps to create a right atmosphere that aligns with the brand and content of the podcast. The podcast can set the tone of the lighting that reflects the niche and topic of the podcast. For example, Wellness podcasts often use bright lighting while the gaming shows use dark and neon background lights. Moreover, the lighting can be used to highlight some specific elements to capture the audience’s attention.

3. Branded Background

The branded background looks simple but it is an effective way to enhance the podcast marketing strategy to keep the brand standout in the competitive market. Whether the background features the branded logo or a combination of colors. It can remind the audiences of who you are and what you stand for. This can improve long-term brand awareness among the audience.

4. AI Background

In today’s world of podcasts, AI background provides the clear look of the podcast through the generated engaging background. Many podcasters are converting their background into Artificial Intelligence based engaging podcast backgrounds. Everyone can set any background by using AI background. It offers a wide range of engaging elements that keep the podcaster to stay up-to-date with the innovations. So, if you are a podcaster and want to enhance the quality of the podcast, try to align your background with others in your niche or industry, and make sure the visual effects don’t compromise quality.

5. Dark colors

If the podcast is not considering the clean, simple space. Choose the designing setup of the studio with dark colors. This allows a stronger feeling of intimacy with the audience. Moreover, it makes ideal things for taking thumbnails or capturing images for the podcast artwork. Choose a room without windows, then paint the walls with the dark paint you like. Or the podcaster can place a mirror against the wall to reflect light, so the room doesn’t feel too moody.

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