How much does 2D Animation cost per minute


2D Animation

2D Animation is a type of animation that makes an illusion of a movement of any object, character by showing a series of two-dimensional drawings or images in a sequence. It is considered as a traditional type of animation which has been used for decades. It is also a creative process that involves making a series of images and frames, which are then combined to give the illusion of motion. In 2D animation artists hand draws or digitally make characters, objects, backgrounds and scenes by using professional 2D animation software. Each frame is played rapidly which results in smooth motion by displaying images in a particular sequence that tells a story. It can be easily found in different kinds of media such as films, TV shows, Ads, games and online content.

2D Animation Styles

2D animation means the visual movement of objects and characters within a two-dimensional space. 2D animation is limited to the movement in the right, left, up, and down directions. These limitations create the impression of width and height but not depth. The key is to depict the characters, objects, and visual scenes with artistic skill. It’s a creative process that involves making a series of images and frames, which are then combined to give the illusion of motion. There are various styles of 2D animation, each with its unique characteristics and providing various possibilities for storytelling.

  1. White board animation
  2. Infographics animation
  3. Cutout animation
  4. Typography animation
  5. Motion graphics
  6. Hand drawn animation
  7. Stop motion animation

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Top 2D Animation budgets Movies

The estimated pricing system of each step of 2D Animation

There are multiple steps of making 2D animation, each step is given with its estimated price.


$250 – $500

Character designing

$500 – $1000 for each Character

Background designing

$250 – $800


$500 – $5000  for a short-animation

Color correction, adding effects and music

$300 – $3000


$50 – $5000

How much does 2D Animation Cost per minute?

There are different types of 2D animation, each type of animation has its own estimated price per minute. The given price consists of both freelancers, mid-tier animation studios, and professional 2D animation companies.

2D Animation Cost

Types of Animation


Mid-tier Studio

Professional Studio

Tradition 2D animation

$250 – $1000

$400 – $2000

$500 – $3000

Cell 2D animation

$150 – $800

$500 – $2000

$1500 – $3500

Stop motion animation

$150 – $1500

$800 – $3000

$1500 – $5000

Cutout animation

$150 – $1500

$400 – $3000

$800 – $5000

Retro scoping/Typography

$250 – $2500

$800 – $8000

$1500 – $15000

Motion graphics animation

$350 – $3500

$1000 – $6000

$2500 – $10000

2D computer animation

$300 – $3000

$5000 – $4000

$1000 – $6000

Top 2D Animation Companies

2D animation is not considered a novel concept anymore because as look at the children, they have always enjoyed visual entertainment such as watching cartoons. However, 2D animation is now using beyond entertainment purposes because it has become a lucrative field for the professionals. There are thousands of 2D animation companies you can find on your search engine that provide 2D animation services. After conducting comprehensive research, we have selected the top six 2D animation companies worldwide. Check out the Top 2D animation companies, their average project prices, head office’s location, their clients, details about professional artists and all the necessary details about them. 

Pricing of Animation works on the given Key Factors

  • Length: The production of the 30 seconds requires a smaller amount of production cost then the 03 minutes video. That’s why the price depends on the length of the 2D animated video.
  • Team’s Expertise: For obvious, the skilled and professional team will charge for their quality work because they provide engaging and distinctive quality.
  • Animation Style: There are various 2D animation styles, some of them are costly and some are less costly. In which 2D, motion graphics video, explainer videos, whiteboard animation are expensive and the others are less costly except these. So, the animation style also affects the pricing system.

Why is 2D Animation Expensive?

2D animation is expensive because of its complex production process. There are a lot of skilled and trained professionals involved in making 2D animation videos such as scriptwriters, directors, illustrators, animators, voiceover artists, and much more. Moreover, they need to use costly (professional) software to get high-quality results. All of these affect the pricing system of the 2D animation.

How to make 2D Animated videos

Making 2D animated videos is an effective way to engage with the audience. It has become one of the most popular niches in today’s generation. Some of the various forms dominate, like movies, logos, and illustrations. Additionally, it retains the importance of a global language by decreasing linguistic barriers and is often described as a universally understood form of communication. While making an animated video could be difficult and time-consuming, it can be a lucrative and enjoyable process with the right tools and guidance. There are 05 step for making 2D animated video by your own that are given below:

  • Script making
  • Storyboard
  • Animate
  • Add Music
  • Narration

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