How to make B2B Marketing Podcasts


Video podcasting has become one of the most increasingly popular platforms for marketers to build their brand and connect with the relevant audience. It is also considered a great tool for content marketing strategies. B2B podcasting is considered as an essential part of B2B marketing strategy for many organizations. This is a powerful way to build an audience of organic customers and achieve B2B growth.

What is a B2B podcast?

A podcast consists of audio and video episodes that are pre-recorded and available for streaming or downloading in various social media platforms and other platforms such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts and YouTube. It can cover all types of topics and themes such as current affairs, business or more niche topics such as particular hobbies or communities.

A B2B (Business to Business) podcast is a type of podcast that aims to reach their ideal (business) customer base. There are some particular aims of B2B podcasts that are given below:

  • Strengthen brand and making awareness
  • Establish industry expertise and thought leadership
  • Increase engagement with customers
  • Generate leads

A B2B podcast allows anyone to share business ideas, experiences, expertise and perspectives directly with the audience. From a business perspective, a B2B podcast should fit into an overall content marketing strategy.

Reason/Benefits to make B2B podcasts

There are multiple reasons of making B2B podcasts, the benefits of making B2B podcast are given below:

  • Less Budget: Making a B2B podcast is simple and easy because it just needs a tool. It does not need a huge amount and professional team. Anyone can record it with the most basic setup and can range it to the big budget production as well.

  • High Return on Investment: B2B podcast is also lucrative for the podcasters because it provides ROI (return on investment) with just a small input. The podcaster can increase its audience, engagement, brand’s identity, authority and also can generate leads as well.

  • Grow brand awareness: It also helps the podcasters to give popularity or voice the brand or product, and make expertise within the niche or any marketing sector. So, by making B2B podcasts, the podcaster can increase his brand awareness among the existing and new customers.

  • Strengthen credibility: B2B podcasts totally focus on a particular business or any marketing industry or services. It helps to demonstrate the business’s thought leadership and expertise in the field. The target audience will trust the brand or service leader more as a source of information which can drive more conversions in the long run.

Reason/Benefits to make B2B podcasts

1. Planning

One of the efficient steps is to perfectly plan B2B podcasts before starting recording. It’s a good idea to make a proper plan for the podcast. This will help to stay organized and can enhance the quality of the content. The plan should contains some objective which includes:

  • Outline of the podcast: It helps to avoid awkward silences or misinformation.
  • Length: Maintain how long you want each episode to be. Because consistency will increase the production value and popularity of the podcast.
  • Scheduling: Make a proper schedule to publish episodes weekly, biweekly, monthly, etc. so the viewers will know what to expect each and every week.

2. Setup

Next step is to get podcast setup ready for the recording. Get some research about the best microphones, cameras, headphones, and recording software that works best.  Some tips for making a B2B podcast are that the mic and camera should be individual for the guest and host, and try to record different locations and a pleasing background.

3. Recording

After Setting up the recording equipment, it’s time to record the podcast. Before starting the recording, provide all the equipment to the guest like headphones, mics then use podcast recording software to record the podcast professionally. One thing the podcaster should choose is the right professional software for the recorded footage. It is better to choose one that the podcaster specializes in, so that he finds all the features on it. The separate track recording is better for editing control and choosing the software that can capture high-quality video and audio.

4. Editing

The most entertaining and effective part for making a B2B podcast is to edit it professionally. The professional editing also played an important role in the success of the podcast. There are multiple best podcast editing software available that saves you time and can convert your raw video into high quality engaging video. During this step, the editor can cut, trim and arrange all the recording to make an engaging video. It provides the opportunity to cut out all the unnecessary parts, recording audio and video.

5. Publication

After doing a ready podcast, it’s time to upload it to the podcast hosting platform. The hosting platform is a kind of platform that stores the podcast and helps to distribute the podcast to the audience. When the podcast has uploaded on the podcast hosting platform, it will generate a unique RSS feed which has all the information of the podcast. So, the podcaster can share it to various platforms such as Spotify, Apple and Google podcast. Through the feed, these platforms can automatically share episodes.

6. Promotion

This second last step is to promote the podcast by creating a podcast website. Blogging about new episodes and related topics. It is a great way to engage new podcast viewers and improve the search engine optimization, or SEO. SEO helps position your website on search results pages and is one of the best tools to get new subscribers. However, you can promote your podcast by sharing it on different social media platforms such as on YouTube, Facebook, TikTok and Instagram.

7. Monetization

B2B Podcast monetization can help you to generate revenue. It can be a great way of generating revenue. There are multiple strategies are there for monetizing podcast which includes:

  • Reach out to potential sponsorships
  • Join a podcast host that includes an advertising marketplace
  • Use ads within your episodes

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