Ideas for a Stop Motion Animation


In the world of animation, stop motion contains a special place as an engaging art form. Ideas for stop motion animation have now gained popularity and can be considered one of the most fascinating forms of filmmaking today. It involves animating the inanimate objects which creates the illusion that these objects are defying the laws of physics.

The stop motion animation is already entertaining the audience throughout the entertainment industry. In today’s world of digital and social media, it attracts the viewer’s which never attracts any of the other stages. But making an engaging stop motion is not easy. Before starting wondering, the good news is that we have researched and outlined the listed ideas for a stop motion. This article provides detailed information about the best ideas for stop motion animation.

1. Whiteboard Stop Motion

The whiteboard stop motion animation first appeared in 2009 and is still widely used by animators to make animation videos. It is an idea of stop motion animation where the artist hand-draws the content on a white background or whiteboard. This means that, with the help of videos, the artist can explain the content by making simple drawings that appear on the whiteboard along with the voiceover. This process effectively explains the concept of the video. It’s a great way to communicate complex information effectively. The whiteboard animation includes the hand that is doing the illustration. The whiteboard animations are black and white and are primarily used in explainer videos. This style is a pre-made process for making stop motion animation videos, often used for learning and explanatory purposes. 

2. Claymation

Clay morphing is one of the great techniques in the top ideas for stop motion animation. The artist and user needs to make backgrounds and characters without legs and arms. They made just simple shapes to morph into the other shapes in a creative and engaging manner. This idea is really suitable for beginners, they particularly love to practice the idea of stop motion animation. In terms of kid Claymation, the artists need to clay toys in every household. The kids prepare these toys and figure out the colorful clay in their collection. If you have the camera, place it at any angle and start it to roll it on and off. By doing this, the artist can make an engaging and creative video.

3. Sticky Notes / Paper Cutout

Another best idea for stop motion animation that is often used by animators and artists. The professionals and beginner animators can draw their own shapes and cut them out or cut shapes from magazines. They can also use colorful sticky notes to make stop motion animation. It works best to shoot the frames from an overhead camera.

4. Lego Stop Motion

Lego stop motion is considered as a legendary name in stop motion animation. This idea requires square figures to make Lego stop motion animation. In terms of beginner artists, they can make a lot of characters, stories, and the reality based message to convey by animation. The artist can get opportunities to experiment with the lights and shadow technique, animation movement tricks, and, if possible, voiceover gives the perfect experience of stop motion animation.

5. Chalkboard Stop Motion Animation

One of the best ideas in our list is Chalk board or ground stop motion animation. It looks similar to the whiteboard stop motion animation but instead of a whiteboard, the artist needs a chalk and follows the same technique to make engaging and entertaining content for the audience. It allows the content creators and professionals to explore their talent and to show their content throughout the world.

Tips for Making Stop Motion Animation

Having a particular and planning and equipment to make stop motion animation can help any artist and professional to make engaging stop motion animation in less time. There are some tips and ideas for making stop motion animation.

  1. Keep Camera Still: To make quality content of stop motion animation, use a tripod to keep the camera stable as even the slightest movement can blur the video. Try to use heavy cameras as lightweight cameras are difficult to keep perfectly caught for longer periods.

  2. Trigger the Camera Remotely: After fixing the camera properly, try to trigger the camera remotely instead of pressing it manually. Pushing the shutter applies a force that can create vibrations that blur the pictures or videos. All the latest digital cameras come with remote triggers to allow the content creators capture snaps professionally. If you don’t have one, get one to make high-quality videos.

  3. Use Sound Effects: Add related music to the captured snaps by using a third-party video editor. Make sure to add the relevant sound to make the stop motion look more realistic and engaging. Many video editing software also allows downloading the relevant effects from an online database.

  4. Customize the Lighting Effects: The most important tip is to make sure that there’s not even the slightest of inconsistency in the lighting and the available light should remain consistent throughout the stop motion. The artist should need to change the available natural light if light conditions are changing.

  5. Frame Rate: Frame rate is the frequency at which images are displayed. Most videos have frame rate in the range of 24-60 fps but stop motions have fewer fps which is usually 12 fps or even less than 12. That is why, the artist should have to take 12 snaps for each second. Calculate the required frame rate in advance to measure how many photos need to take for the whole stop motion animation. Increasing the fps is going to make video smoother and better as compared to decreasing the fps.

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