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Motion graphics are a type of digital visual effects that combine graphics, animation, and video to convey information, tell a story, or enhance a visual experience. They are often used in various forms of media, such as: animated logs, TV commercials and advertisements, social media clips and explainers, movie and TV shows, games and interactive media, educational videos and tutorials and much more.
If we look at the motion graphics industry, the motion graphics industry has emerged as an essential part of modern digital visual arts. It has gone through significant transformations in recent years by making changes and advancement in technology. Furthermore, it causes the increasing demand for the engaging motion graphic content for the audience. That’s why motion graphics companies come into the market. Their studios and agencies are transforming the motion graphics industry with their high-quality engaging work. This blog provides detailed information and insights into the best motion graphics companies that provide high-quality visuals throughout the world.
  • Starting project price: $1899
  • Head office: London, United Kingdom
  • Best video sample: Social Trading, Lotto, Maecenas, BlackFort Wallet,
  • Contact: ­+44 7893 949483 |
Duck design is one of the leading motion graphics companies that works with the entrepreneurs, startups, enterprises, brands and agencies to engage the clients. They offer their services to the clients with high-quality graphics in the form of 2D movies, explainer videos, GIFs, cinema graphs and animated logos. They have a professional and skilled team of motion graphics designers that provides their handwork to achieve the client’s purposes. There are various types of motion graphics services they offers which includes:
  • Animated Presentations
  • Animated Logo
  • Motion Movies
  • Explainer Videos

They have a wide range of copyright free music and sound effects that helps them to make the animated intros and outros more impactful. If you are looking for the best motion graphics company, Choose Duck design as your first choice.

Demo Duck is known as one of the pioneers in the motion graphics industry. They have a strong lineup of projects and clients they are working with on different kinds of motion graphics videos. The Demo Duck industry is based in Chicago with a professional and skilled team which is selected from around the world. They have a creative mind approach which kept them in the industry for over 10 years. They offer top quality services to their clients which includes Animated Digital Advertising Graphics, Animated Social Media, Animated Presentations, Animated Logo Builds and Reveals, Animated Explainer Videos and video editing.  If you are looking for the best Graphics Company, Demo Duck is the premium Choice.

  • Average project price: Upon request
  • Head office: Vancouver, Canada
  • Best video sample: Nike, Adobe, Shopify, Coca-Cola and Mountain Dew, Mayo Clinic.
  • Contact: | 604-408-2099

Giant has also been one of the best and leading motion graphics companies in the world who have been providing their services for the past 13 years. They offer a wide range of motion visuals which includes 2D/3D/4D Animations, Logos and Titles, Short Movies, Animated Ads, Explainer Movies, Animated Interstitials. The reason for choosing Giant ant are, they have an Have an experience in graphic production of more than a decade and have a team of experienced artists, motion graphic designers, and animators. The best thing is that they only work with a select circle of clients. If you are searching for a motion graphics company who understands your project’s needs, select Giant Ant as the top choice for your motion graphics project.

  • Average project price: Upon request.
  • Head office: Florida US and Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Best video sample: Amazon, Google, Bayer, Red Bull, Huawei, ThermoFisher.
  • Website:

Yum Yum video is considered as a leading motion graphics studio that makes engaging visual effects in different formats that connects the client’s brand to the audience. It provides the best visual experience through making high quality videos. Their work process includes online meetings, scriptwriting, and storyboarding. There are various motion graphics services they offer which includes Commercial Graphics, Explainer Movies, Brand Logo, Internal Videos, Whiteboard Movies, Product Motion Graphics Video and Social Media Animation. If you are searching for the top motion graphics company, select Yum Yum videos as a top choice.

  • Average project price: $5000
  • No of employees: 50-249
  • Head office: London, United Kingdom
  • Best video sample: Panasonic, Mentos, Nickelodeon, Subaru and many more.
  • Contact:

BluBlu is considered as one of the top motion graphics companies among the top 10 companies. They provide their services all the way from England to all around the world. It is an award-winning motion graphics and animation production company that was established in 2014. They have 30 teams of professional designers who are experienced in video production, explainer videos, and commercials. They have a broad and dynamic portfolio, which proves their quality work. They are renowned for their collaborative strategy; they have collaborated with the top publishers, production houses, global brands, and agencies. Their global clients include The Oscar Academy, Mentos, Nickelodeon, Durex, Singapore Airlines, and many more.

They have also been awarded for their achievements in the 2D animation field. The awards include Motionographer, The One Show, Berlin Commercial, Behance, Motion Design Award, and many more. If you are looking for an award winning motion graphics company, choose BluBlu because of their experience, professionalism, and creativity in animation.
  • Average project price: Upon request
  • Head office: London, UK, Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore, USA, Lithuania
  • Best video sample: The GGM’s Geese, MechMaster, Fantom, BitForex, Diversify, MS Token
  • Contact: | +1 929-492-4413 (US) | +44 20 3868 4672 (UK) +65 3165 4789 (SG) | +971 54 237 6132 (UAE)
Ninja Promo is one of the top motion graphics companies which specializes in providing 2D and 3D movie-making services with creativity, trending cartoon animation and much more. They have professional and skilled graphic artists in motion graphics studios. They have a set process for their engaging movie creation, which involves project briefing, script writing, storyboard drafting, movie converting, voice-over recording, music and effects adding, and video delivering. They offer a wide range of motion graphics services which includes Animated Videos, Social Media Animated Imagery, Company Film Production, Explainer Videos, Crypto/NFT Animation, 3D Animation. The reasons for selecting this company are includes:
  • Offers cost effective solutions
  • Easy share ability on different mediums
  • On-time working delivery
  • Offers two formats including 2D and 3D movie making.

If you are searching for the 2D and 3D movie making expert company, Ninja Promo is a best choice for your project.

  • Average project price: $5000
  • No of employees: 10-49
  • Head office: Malaysia
  • Best video sample: Panasonic, Mentos, Nickelodeon, Subaru and many more.
  • Contact:

Kasra Designs also secured their rank among the best motion graphics companies, and it was established in 2020. They have a variety of motion graphics solutions that help the company or YouTube channel improve their image throughout the world. Because they like to use real-life concepts in their animations. Moreover, they have a professional and skills team of graphics designers who provide services from Malaysia to worldwide.

Their services include 2D and 3D animation, video production, event videos, health care animations, non-profit animated videos, explainer videos and much more. According to Kasra designs, the cost, practical, knowledgeable and attractive 2D animated video has the power to make this world a better place.

  • Average project price: $10,000
  • No of employees: 10-49
  • Head office: Fayetteville, AR
  • Best video sample: T-Tyson, MOZ, Panasonic, The Mars Agency and many more.
  • Contact: (833) 677-997

Explainify has also secured its place among the top 10 motion graphics companies. It was established in 2012. They are a business-oriented company that offers various services such as graphics videos for advertisement, training videos, and marketing sales. Their simplicity and reliability make them essential for corporate clients to choose from. They have a team of professional designers from the United States who provide services.

Their services include 2D animation, Brand videos, explainer videos, landing page videos, product and sales videos, and much more.  If your primary goal is to select a motion graphics company for advertising your brand, Explainify is the best company among all the motion graphics companies.

  • Average project price: Upon request
  • Head office: Portland
  • Best video sample: Savage X Fenty Show, EBay, Spotify Premium, Google, Benchmark, Adobe
  • Contact:

Odd Fellow is one of the top motion graphics studios who believes in creativity and high-quality visuals. The quality of their work is truly amazing as we can estimate that they are working for the world’s biggest companies such as Savage X Fenty Show, EBay, Spotify Premium, Google, Benchmark and Adobe. There are various types of motion graphics visuals they offer Event Graphics, Kinetic Logo Design, Commercial 2D/3D Cartooning, Short Movies, Explainer Movies and much more.

The reasons for selecting these studios include: they offer smooth customer experience, they diversify the customer portfolio of their work and they support creative community management. If you are searching for the company who works with the brands, Odd Fellows is the perfect one to choose. 

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