08 Best Podcast Recording Software


Podcasts are one of the most powerful sources for sharing knowledge and entertainment. It has also become one the most popular sources for entertainment on social media in recent times. The podcaster does not just need recording equipment to record the podcast, but it is crucial to have a particular podcast recording software to make high-quality podcasts and to grow the audience. There are so many software that are providing podcast recording but it is difficult to choose the right video editing software. With comprehensive research, this blog provides detailed information about the best podcast recording software.


1. Riverside

Riverside is one the best video podcast recording platform that allows its user to record podcasts in two different ways which include web browser and its mobile application. It is a very simple and easy to use tool to record video podcasts. But there is a chance while recording online on a web browser to lose the recording, whether the recording is finished or still in process.


Riverside Interface

The Riverside is very convenient for the podcasters to prioritize their high-quality video recording with the advanced features such as multi-track recording, live streaming and much more. To use this software for the first time, the user just needs to sign in and he will get a reward for recording 12 hours per month for free.

If you are looking for the best podcast recording software, Riverside is the best software among all the recording software.


2. Podcastle

Podcastle is one of the best podcast recording software for the beginners which has a lot of preset templates, tutorials that help get started for the new users. It has AI powered features that reduces the barriers for high quality podcasts recording. It can be operated online through any web browser on various operating systems such as macOS, Windows and Linux. The reason to choose this software is that it has up to 10 remote participants in the recording studio, AI power features such as noise removal, high quality video recording, automatic generated texts and summaries and voice clones with Revoice for post-production editing.


Podcastle Interface

It offers different subscription packages which include basic features for free for the beginners. The premium subscription is also available for the users who want to use advanced features and capabilities. There are some premium packages but the prices are based on the choosing features and capabilities by the users. If you are a beginner and thinking of starting a podcast, the Podcastle is the best podcast recording software for you


3. Director Suite 365

Director suit 365 is a podcast recording software for those users who want professional production quality and have a premade background in video and audio editing. It contains four software in total which includes Power director, Audio director, Photo director, Color director. It covers all the areas of recording podcasts including video recording and audio recording.


Power Director Suite 365 Interface

Director suit 365 runs on a subscription basis having various payment plans which suits the users to choose according to their budget and needs. It provides the key features such as power director for video editing, photo director for photo editing, Audio director for audio recording and color director for color grading. The advanced features include multi-cam editing, motion tracking, high quality recording, 4k and 360-degree video recording and much more. If you are searching for all in one software for recording podcasts, Director Suite 365 is the premium choice.


4. Stream Yard

Stream yard is one of the best video podcast software for remote recording. In this digital age there is no need to gather together in the recording studio to record the podcast episodes.  The stream yard software helps to simplify this recording process by offering its stream yard online recording studio. In this online recording studio the host, co-host, guest speaker and other guest can record high quality local video and audio podcasts.


Stream Yard Interface

The podcaster can invite up to nine guests with the paid plans and can call up to 4 guests on a free plan. The reasons to choose stream yard includes, it records high quality local video and audio, separate audio and video tracks, invite up to 10 guests, supports screen sharing and multi-stream features.


5. Final cut pro

Final cut pro is a software which offers its services for the podcaster who have invested in Apple products such as Mac and IPad. The Final Cut Pro offers both audio and video production services for the podcasters. It has various advanced tools for recording and editing video podcasts such as auto syncing for multiple cameras, auto captions, subtitles and much more.


Final Cut Pro Interface

Final Cut Pro has a magical timeline for recording and editing videos for efficient timeline management, UI apps for Apple users, advanced audio editing tools for high-quality sound, color grading, color correction and much more features that boost the quality of video recording and audience of the podcast. It comes up with a one-time purchase for the desktop for just $299.99 and for IPad is $49.99 per year. If you are looking for the best podcast recording software for Apple products, Final Cut Pro is the best among all of them.


6. Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition is one of the most popular and most used podcast recording software of all time. It is one of the best audio editing and recording software in the podcast industry. It has almost all the features that an editors want to edit high quality editing and audio recording.


Adobe Audition Interface

There are various variety of templates available that an editor choose from which allows the editor to set and adjust audio level of the podcast. It allows professional audio mixing and mastering the tools. It also helps to remove the noise reduction effortlessly and provide royalty free audio effects. If you are looking for the podcast recording software that can edit video as well, Adobe audition is the premium choice.


7. Alitu

Alitu is a podcast recording and editing software that simplifies the podcasting process by making it accessible for the content creators. There are multiple features of Alitu that helps the podcaster while recording and editing process which includes high-quality audio recording with automatic noise reduction, ability to record solo or with guests/co-hosts remotely, Supports various audio formats (WAV, MP3, etc.), Real-time audio monitoring and playback.


Alitu Interface

Some of the editing benefits of this software are Intuitive editing interface with waveform view, automatic audio enhancement and noise reduction, easy trimming, cutting, and splicing of audio clips, ability to add music, sound effects, and voiceovers and much more.

Another benefit of Alitu is its smooth publishing and hosting capabilities. Once the podcaster recorded and edited his episode, it allows to publish it directly to popular platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts.


8. Reaper

Reaper is a powerful digital audio workstation (DAW) that can also be used for video podcast recording. It is also known for its audio editing capabilities but it has some great features for video podcasters to record and edit their video content too. Some of its key features for video podcast recording are include Audio and video recording at the same time, multi-track recording, video syncing, effects and plugins, exporting and much more.


Reaper Interface

Some benefits of using Reaper for video podcast recording include; High-quality audio and video recording, flexible editing capabilities, customizable workflow, affordable pricing (especially compared to other DAWs) and more. If you are new in video podcasting, you might need to invest some time in learning this software. Overall, Reaper is a great option for video podcasters who want a powerful and flexible recording solution.

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