Five Tips to Edit Video Podcast in Alex Hormozi Style

alex hormozi style video podcast

Alex Hormozi is an American entrepreneur, author, investor and podcaster. He started as a management consultant in the public sector, then left that career to pursue a career in fitness, starting his first gym at age 23. According to Finty, Alex Hormozy’s net worth is estimated at $100 million. He has begun his video-making journey from a webcam now; he has just a social media following of millions across platforms, from YouTube (1.95 million) to TikTok (7.98k) to Instagram (2 million). He has uploaded 1.9k videos on just YouTube, and thousands of video editors and podcast editors search keywords daily like Alex Hormozi video podcast editing style”, “Alex Hormozi captions,” and “Alex Hormozi style editing.” This blog will look into the five tips to edit hormozi style videos podcasts and show how you can use his methods to edit video podcasts. 

1. Animated captions:

Alex Hormozi is the leader in adding animated subtitles to the content, which becomes a powerful tool for engagement and impact. Alex Hormozi has mastered the art of using animated subtitles while editing video podcasts that enhance communication, making the content not only informative but also boosting views among his audience. Some of the animated captions Alex uses while editing his videos are typewriter, fade-in, glitch, and showing right and left, which gives a cool look to the video. You can also provide a new look to the video by using animated captions like Alex Hormozi.

2. Zooming and Cropping:

Alex Hormozy often uses Dolly zoom-in and vertigo effects to make his videos creative and interesting. Use dolly and vertigo zooming effects to add a creative touch to the video podcast. It can add visual interest and focus to the video podcast footage. The Zoom-in can use key frames in the video editing software to gradually increase the scale of the video, highlighting essential details or emphasizing certain moments..

Cropping allows you to remove unnecessary elements from the frame or create a tighter composition. A lot of video editing software provides free zooming and cropping services through their tools to adjust the size and position of the footage. Some of the best software are given below:

3. Color Exposure:

The color exposure consists of saturation, contrast, and brightness. Alex Hormozi style videos often have simple and perfectly saturated colors to enhance the visual content and impact of the video. Podcast videos can be improved by using visual effects and adjusting the color settings. However, the color grading also provide a consistent and polished look. To achieve Alex Hormozi’s simple and saturated effect, enhance the saturation and contrast of footage. Additionally, experiment with color grading techniques can provide a unique and dynamic look to video podcast. So, using color grading and color adjustment tools provides a bold and vibrant video look that will build the interest for the viewers.

4. Transitions:

Transitions are an essential aspect of creating a smooth and engaging viewing experience. Alex Hormozi mainly uses smooth transitions in his videos to make them engaging and creative look because smooth transitions between clips maintain the flow of the video. Some of Hormozi’s transition features are quick cuts, whip pans, or flashy effects that he uses while editing podcasts. However, he used creative transitions that helped to avoid unnecessary cuts, actions, and video clips.

The usage of fade-ins, fade-outs, film burn, cross dissolve, and cross fade on the jump cuts creates smoothness in Alex Hormozy’s videos.. These transitions help maintain your audience’s attention and interest. Make sure the transition matches the rhythm of the video, which serves a seamless viewing experience.

5. Add Music and Sound Effects:

Mostly, Alex Hormozi style videos uses upbeat and energetic tracks, like picking music that matches the feeling of the video. After selection of right music, adjustment of the volume is very significant. Moreover, you can use music to introduce your podcast, transition between segments, and create emotional impact during critical moments. Hormozi mostly uses woosh, click, and ding sound effects and avoids overpowering music to make the video energetic and interesting. The overpowering music in the video causes the music clipping, so music should be relevant to the video to complement the visuals like Alex Hormozi’s videos..

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