Five Reasons You Should Start Video Podcast in 2024


You have a lot of thoughts and dreams before starting a podcast. It is something about what you need to reach a new audience, increase website traffic, grow business, and gain new leads in 2024. So, starting a video podcast in 2024 can be a smart move because podcasts allows reach to a massive audience. Globally, 414 million people listen to podcasts monthly, and this number is expected to climb to 522 million by 2026 (Edison Research, 2023). If we look at the consumption in the US alone, 62% of the population aged 12+ listens a podcast monthly. This translates to roughly 232 million individuals (Podcast Insights, 2023). These figures are showing the significance of video podcasts, and trend is expected to grow in 2024. There are several reasons of starting a podcast in 2024, and few of the top reasons are described in this blog.


1. Connecting with a Wider Audience

Podcast allows to reach to broader audience, as 54% of podcast listeners discover new shows through word-of-mouth recommendations (Podkite). The viewers who watch the entire podcast episode and remember your thoughts and personality for a longer period of time. To reach a broader audience, there are multiple ways to reach broader audience such as continuous influencing of the existing podcast audience, telling guests to promote the show to their fans, and sharing short podcast clips on different social media platforms. These short reels can also serve as teasers for the podcast, providing people with more information about the show and enticing them to watch full episode. Moreover, using visually appealing thumbnails and catchy captions can make the short clips more attractive and engaging. These strategies enhance the podcast’s visibility and attract new subscribers.


2. Building a Community of Shared Interests

Building a personal connection with the audience means creating a bond and trust. According to research on social media, regularly sharing podcast clips and interacting with listeners on social media can boost engagement by 30%, leading to a more personal feel. It’s about understanding their interests, sharing relatable stories, engaging with them, and making them feel important. By using podcast, podcaster not just can make more people know about but also have the potential to make a positive impact for grow.

Furthermore, responding to their comments, messages, or feedback show the value, input and care about their thoughts. BuzzSpread’s research shows that hosting live Q&A sessions can increase engagement by up to 50%, boosting a sense of connection and communityIt’s like having a real conversation, where the host and the audience actively participate.  It connects you with your audience on a personal level and helps to build trust and loyalty.

3. Building Personal Connections for Stronger Brand Impact

Personal branding is about showing your qualities, values, and expertise to create a strong and memorable impression. When the audience However, it is a platform where you can advertise your business that reaches a wider base of potential customers. At the starting of the podcast, host and guest mostly talks about their business, and may share experiences of their businesses in the middle of podcast. Moreover adding personal brank in the description of the video will also increase personal brand to masses.

For personal branding, it is essential to have accounts for the podcast on all social media platforms and also have a website.

Few of the top Podcast-Branded Channels:

4. Podcasting require no or low budget to start

Podcaster need simple and basic tools to start the podcast. Multiple budget-friendly options are available for basis tools, such as recording a podcast on the smartphone; it does not need an expensive camera or microphone.

Audacity is the popular choice for editing audio and is free of cost as well. After recording, there are plenty of personal computers and Android video editing Software that provide free video editing services, such as…


podcasst editing softwares

5. Engage and Attract New Leads

Podcast audiences are 78% more likely to purchase from the brands they hear advertised compared to listeners of other media. Buzz Sprout said, “Brian Clark uses his podcast to promote webinars and other lead magnets, leading to over 100,000 email subscribers. So, podcast can be designed to divert audience to your business website, subsequently it can generate new leads for target business. Collection of emails through call of action request could gather the information of subscribers, which could be materialized in future for promoting or selling any product or business. Follow this article( Top 5 ways to earn from podcast)  to read about earning ways for podcasters.

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