Tips to Edit like Ali Abdaal Video podcast


Ali Abdaal is a popular YouTube content creator, medical doctor, and podcaster. He is known for his productivity, quality content, podcast, and book reviews. His videos are promptly reaching to millions of views. However, according to Finty, Ali Abdaal’s net worth is around $5 million. He has a huge social media following across platforms, including TikTok (254.3k) and Instagram (735k). His strong presence in YouTube is also visible from his 5.58 million subscribers for his two channels. He has uploaded 1.29k videos on just YouTube, and thousands of video and podcast editors are following Ali Abdaal video podcast style. This blog will look into the five tips to edit video podcasts in Ali Abdaal’s style.

1. Adding Recap

A recap is a summary or highlight reel of the key points discussed in the recorded podcast. Mr. Ali Abdaal in his video podcast, creates suspense and interest of viewers by adding recap of key points. Mostly, he allocates first 60 seconds the recap section. It could be key insights, valuable tips, and shocking facts.

2. Parallel Camera Shifting

Parallel camera shifting is another innovative way that Ali Abdaal uses mostly in podcasts to build the audience’s interest. It breaks down the screen into parts while the conversation between guests and host sets the scenario and visual variety of the podcast simultaneously. This allows creative compositions and gives an aesthetic touch to the conversation between the host and guest.


3. Color Exposure

The color exposure consists of saturation, contrast, and brightness. Ali Abdaal often uses simple and perfectly saturated colors to enhance the visual content and impact of the video. However, the color grading also gives a consistent and polished look.

To achieve Ali Abdaal’s style, enhance the saturation and contrast of the footage. Additionally, experiment with color grading techniques will provide your podcast a unique and dynamic look. So, use color grading and color adjustment tools to provide a bold and vibrant video look.

4. Transitions

Transitions are an essential aspect of creating a smooth and engaging viewing experience. Ali Abdaal mainly uses quick and speedup transitions in his videos to make them engaging and creative. Moreover, quick transitions between clips maintain the entertainment of the video. Some of Ali Abdaal podcast transition features are quick cuts, whip pans, flashy effects, transform effects to speed up, and sliding pictures. However, he uses creative transitions that helped to avoid unnecessary cuts, actions, and video clips.

Using cut transitions, crossfades, zoom transitions, slide transitions, J cut and L cuts, fade-ins, and fade-outs on the jump cuts creates entertainment and engagement in Ali Abdaal videos. These transitions help in maintaining audience’s attention and interest. Make sure the transition matches the rhythm of the video, which serves a seamless viewing experience.

5. Subtitles and Sound Effects

The most noticeable component in Ali Abdaal video is animations in titles, texts, and video graphics.

Subtitles: Ali Abdaal mostly uses extra bold and 52-size of the font. He often uses quick text transitions to make subtitles engaging and entertaining to the audience

Sound effects: Sound effects are the backbone of Ali Abdaal video editing style. The upbeat and energetic tracks, like selecting the sound that matches with contents of video. You can use music effects to introduce your podcast, transition between segments, and create an emotional impact during critical moments. Moreover, Ali Abdaal utilizes whoosh, click, and ding sound effects and avoids overpowering music.

By following these tips, one can improve editing of his podcast and earn the viewership.

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