How to Make Thumbnail for YouTube Video Podcast


A creative thumbnail provides a path to attract the viewers towards the video. Because it forces the viewers to click and watch the video. In video podcast, a creative and customize thumbnail not only helps to increase organic viewers but also increases your potential. There are a lot of software that assists to make an interesting and visually attracting thumbnail, even you are new in the podcasting field. This blog will provide step by step guide to make an authentic and effective thumbnail for YouTube video podcast.       

1. YouTube Thumbnail Guidelines or Specification

Making a thumbnail for YouTube video podcast, the very first step is to understand the guidelines of thumbnail provides by YouTube. It is essential to familiarize with the given guidelines. The thumbnail should be 1280×720 pixels with a 16:9 ratio. Furthermore, the size of image should be below 2 mega-bytes (MB).


2. Video Podcast Theme

A YouTube podcast theme serves as the guiding concept for the visual content and provides a cohesive structure to episodes. The importance of an eye-catching thumbnail lies in its ability to attract viewers. When it comes to video podcast theme, every video podcast has a unique theme and identity; the thumbnail should reflect that. It is crucial to understanding the podcast’s theme, whether the content is focused on technology, entertainment, or education


For example, a fictional video podcast named “Technological World” explores the latest trends in the world of technology. It must have a clear theme that will guide the design process and help to make a thumbnail for YouTube video podcast. Overall, a thoughtful theme in a YouTube podcast, reflected in thumbnails and color choices, is essential for both attracting and retaining viewers.

3. Choose the Right Tool

Now, when you have a clear vision and theme, it’s time to choose the right tool to make a thumbnail for the YouTube video podcast. Few tools offer free-of-cost services to make thumbnails, such as Canva, Abode Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator. These are great tools for all kinds of creators and are easy to use; they have helpful features and templates for making thumbnails.


Choosing a perfect layout is very important because it reflects the video’s tone, so browse through the layout options of these tools to find one that reflects and aligns with the style and tone of the video podcast.

4. Designing the Thumbnail

Thumbnail is an eye catching small poster for the recorded YouTube video. It is considered as a first outlook that people see. It should be interesting to catch the audience attention. To design an interesting thumbnail, make sure to choose a clear and attention gaining image which is related to video content. It can be design by keeping some important points in mind.


Adding background image: choose quality based image that shows the theme and authenticity of the podcast’s niche.

Add text: Add bold title like SambaraVid and subtitle like Podcast editing agency. Moreover, choose contrasting colors to enhance the views of the podcast.

Add Logo: Add podcast logo in a top left corner of the thumbnail. Make sure it shouldn’t be too big, just enough to see it.

 Keep it clean: Make sure every object in thumbnail looks balanced. For example; elements and text which seeks and guides the audience attention. It should not be too colorful and oversaturated, which avoids unprofessional look of the thumbnail.

5. Reviewing and Saving the Thumbnail

After completion of making thumbnail, review your design by zooming out and check how it will show to the audience in small size. Make sure all the key elements are visible and easy to read. After satisfaction, save the thumbnail in high quality to ensure it retains its clarity while uploading on YouTube.

By following all these steps, one can create an eye catching YouTube Podcast thumbnail that not only represents the content but also catches the organic viewers by clicking the video.

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