In today’s digital world, YouTube has become a powerful platform for content creators to reach massive audiences. YouTube is perfect platform to grow the reach of your podcast, because it has become one of the largest network with 2.7 billion monthly active viewers globally. It provides great opportunity to expand the reach and engage with the audience visually in a creative and exciting way. This blog will provide five effective tips to grow a YouTube video Podcast channel.


1. Engaging Knowledge Exchange with detailed Insight

YouTube diversifies the audience according to their interests, and identify those who provides factual knowledge through podcast. The current topic of interest in video podcast requires to demonstrate practical knowledge. Those podcasters, who prove good at spreading valuable information, will find an eager audience waiting to watch new episode of podcast

Engaging knowledge-grow-youtube-podcast

For example, a discussion on cannon cameras in the podcast, the audience must demonstrate practical knowledge about it. Such as real estate based video podcasts should discuss statistical analysis of real estate market, current rates of real estate properties, trends and predictions. This way the audiences will not only watch, but quote and share the podcast with others.

2. Cross-promotion

Cross-promotion involves collaborating with other content creators or channels to promote each other’s content mutually. It expands the reach and spreads the content to a wider audience. Here are a few insights and examples to illustrate the effectiveness of cross-promotion:

Guest appearances: call other content creators on the show as guest or give offer to be a guest on their podcasts. This will enhance the audience. For example: the podcast channel focus on health and fitness, invite  a nutrition expert as a guest interview and ask to be featured on their channel  as well.



Cross promotion shout outs: Give should to each other on their channels. For example by giving shout out through short promotional clips, mention during the podcast episodes or social media clips. Mention a fellow creator’s podcast in one of the episodes and encourage viewers to check it out for more related content.

3. Maximize outreach through social media

Social media provides a valuable space to connect with a wide audience, promote content, and expand the reach of the visuals. However, the podcast channel can reach a broader audience on different platforms by utilizing social media like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

maximize reach-grow-youtube-video-podcast

For example, sharing short clips or highlights from the podcast episodes and create engaging posts on social media. It will attract new viewers and increase traffic towards the videos.

4. Attractive Thumbnails

Thumbnail is the image that represent the videos and help viewers decide whether to click and watch. It is very crucial aspect of YouTube video podcast channel and serves as the first impression for potential viewers and can greatly impact click-through rates. It is necessary to choose image that accurately represent the context of the podcast.


Usage of high-quality visual images will grab the attention of the viewers. Moreover, including text on thumbnail will highlights the episode’s main topic. So, bold and easy-to-read fonts should be used to make the thumbnail prominent.

5. Creative Podcast Editing

Editing a podcast involves combining the recorded video footage, audio, and visuals. It involves transforming the recorded videos into a polished and professional final video podcast. It allows trimming unnecessary parts, adding transitions between scenes, and incorporating additional text to enhance the visual content.

However, by carefully editing video podcasts, one can make an engaging viewing experience for the audience. These are some effective ways to edit video podcasts that will surely grow video podcast channel. 


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