How to Earn $10000 per Month from Video Podcast

Video podcasting is an exciting journey where the passion for visual content can also become a lucrative pursuit. It has become a powerful platform for podcasters and individuals to share knowledge and most importantly, earn money. According to ADM Education Joe Rogan’s net worth was above $200 million. He makes more than $100,000 from only one episode. Moreover, according to the New York Times, Spotify paid Joe Rogan more than $200 million to ensure that he may solely promote “The Joe Rogan Experience” on their platform. This is an evidence of success, one could achieve by being podcaster. Generally, the average podcaster can earn over $10,000 per month by following few various suggestions, given below:


1. Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is a teamwork market where people promote someone else’s product or service and earn a commission. In podcasting, when hosts talk about a company’s product and anyone buys it using the special link they share, the host gets a bonus commission or percentage in amount. It is very important to find the right affiliated program to promote products and services that fit with the niche and the interest of the audience.


. For example, if the podcast is about health it would be better to promote a product that offers healthy and organic insights.

Furthermore, affiliated marketing can be done on any social media platform by sharing links in the description of the video podcast. To learn how to add affiliated marketing click on this button.

2. Selling ads or Advertisements:

Making ads on the podcast is another way to earn tons of money. Podcasters can sell the ads of popular brands. They can offer directly to advertise their services and products on the podcast or even join an advertising network to automate the process. Because they can sell advertisement space to anyone they want, but initially, they will probably want to work with a podcast advertising network to help them find advertisers to feature on their podcast.


Advertisements can be done by sharing teasers on different social media platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. Some advertisement ways are:

Tagging and mentioning the products, collaborative giveaways, and sharing the visual content related to the support of someone’s products on the podcast. If you put up a few podcasts each week you could start earning millions with ads even with a modest following types of ads.

There are three types of podcast ads:

Pre-Roll ad: Pre-roll ads arrive before the start of the video podcast.

Mid-Roll ad: Mid-roll ads interrupt the show for the ads and the worth the most among all types of advertisement.

Post-Roll ad: Post-rolls appear at the last of the podcast.

3. Sponsorship:

Podcast sponsorship is another way to earn money, it involves working with companies or brands who can pay healthy finance to promote their products and services. By collaborating with sponsors, podcasters have the opportunity to not only earn millions of dollars but also bring valuable products or services to the audience.


The product should have some match to the niche and interest of the audience. For example, a camera company wants to sponsor a podcast and advertise their camera and other video recording tools so, the podcaster can call the guest who is an expert in digital tools and talks about those products and also share personal experience after using the product of the sponsored company.

4. Direct Support

Along with the podcast sponsorship, the podcaster should think about making money directly from the audience through incentives, special perks, and events. Offer them to subscribe through Patreon or another platform Patreon is considered as a monetization platform that gives business tool to the content creators for selling digital products. It is a kind of subscriptions service which helps the artists and content creators to earn by providing perks and rewards to their subscribers. Podcasters can create different membership packages that the audience subscribes to for small monthly packages.


It can be considered creating premium content just for the members, offering early access to them, or giving discounts for other services. If the price is affordable and offers valuable perks to the fans, Patreon will be a worthy platform to earn thousands of dollars.

5. Hold live events:

Arranging live events can be a lucrative strategy for podcasters to make income and engage with the audience more directly. By organizing live shows, workshops, or question and answer sessions related to the podcast provides the opportunity to earn through ticket sales or event sponsorships or even by promoting online courses and subscriptions.


These events not only provide a unique experience for the audience but also allow podcasters to connect with the audience. For example, set up an event with an entry fee and earn dollars by getting fans in the same seminar for a short time. These live gathering offers an enjoyable way to engage with the podcast audience and can contribute to podcasting revenue.

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