Top video podcasts to watch in 2024

In this modern era, where technology holds supreme power, traditional radio shows have faced a significant challenge in competing with the increasing popularity of video podcasts. This format has been around for a couple of decades now, but it has only gained popularity in the last few years. It could be difficult to find the video podcast because of so many option that offers valuable content and also relates to personal preferences. So, which podcast should I watch to?


Before providing specific recommendations, it is important to understand the significance and impact of video editing in today’s podcasting world. Video editing plays a vital role to improve the overall viewing experience of the viewers. However, it enables podcast creators to put visuals, graphics, and special effects together while also ensuring smooth transitions between different episodes of podcasts. Thus, it is crucial to find podcasts that show excellence in video editing. 

These are the top video podcasts everyone must watch:

TED Talks:

For those who seek informative and educational content, TED Talks is a premier choice among video podcasts. Renowned for its presentation of innovative ideas. It has 23.9 million subscribers on YouTube, his youtube channel has gone above 7.7 billion+ views. Additionally, its exceptional presentation ability adds a crucial way to record the essence of episode effortlessly. The smooth integration of various techniques, including animation and multimedia elements, allows TED Talks to transform traditional things and present information in a visually engaging manner. It makes complex ideas more clear and engaging for the audience.


Hot Ones:

If someone enjoys the interviews with a unique twist, “Hot Ones” could be the perfect choice which is hosted by Sean Evans. This podcast channel has 13.1 million subscribers on YouTube. This highly popular video podcast combines engaging conversations with a challenge that involves spicy hot wings. The distinctive concept, combined with Sean Evans’ hosting styles, makes it creative and matches the interest of the audience. Hot Ones is famous not only for its content but also for its eye-catching video editing, which plays a crucial role in capturing intense and entertaining moments during the spicy wing challenge.


Through precise camera work and creative editing techniques, the podcast looks professional and visually engaging and shows a cohesive viewing experience for the audience. The success of “Hot Ones” lies in the interviews with influential personalities, the delivery of high-quality visual content, and the interactions between Sean Evans and his guests.

The Joe Rogan Experience:

The Joe Rogan Experience is highly acclaimed video podcast hosted by influential commentator and comedian “The Joe Rogan”. This podcast has received widespread praise for its commitment to delivering outstanding viewing experience. The Joe Rogan has 16.1 million subscriber on YouTube platform. The genre of Joe Rogan use in his podcasts are black comedy, observational comedy, cringe comedy satire and insult comedy. Moreover, the visuals of his podcasts consists of high quality and the difference between the others and his podcast’s is the creativity. He visualizes his podcasts with a great level of creativity.


This podcast “the Joe Rogan experience” ensures that the viewer remains engaged from start to end of the podcast. It creates an impact by making it more fascinating and enjoyable for the audience. Furthermore, his podcast goes beyond the traditional podcasting experiences, because of his ability to merge the conversation with engaging elements that shows dedication. The podcast remains popular not only for its host but for its consistency to deliver an engaging experience for the viewers.

Comedy Bang! Bang! :

Comedy Bang! Bang! video podcast consists of interviews with the famous personalities. The nature of this podcast is based of hilarious comedy, funny scenes and jokes. Scott Aukerman host this podcast and his team use creative techniques like special effects, green screen while post production that makes it entertaining to watch. This reflects that post production video editing makes podcast creative and give engaging experience to the viewers.


In the world of video podcasts, it is important to explore a variety of genres and styles to find the one that matches the interest of the listener. Whether its news, entertainment, or business, there are countless video podcasts out there that everyone can listen to according to their interest. 

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