08 Best Free Video Editing Software for Mac


Video editing has been a very powerful skill that reflects the landscape of digital media. The video editing software makes it easy to convert any kind of raw footage into high-quality videos. If we look at the video editing software for Mac users there are plenty of video editing software available that are providing free of cost video editing facilities for their users. The Software selection for video editing is crucial for professional video editing. The Mac user can professionally edit videos related to digital marketing, podcast editing, real estate home tours, and so on. However, the real-time videos involve reels for social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. In this blog, we will explore and provide details on the best free video editing software for Mac.


1. Davinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve is one of the most evolving software for Mac users, and its popularity is also expected to increase in 2024. It’s a major competitor to Premier Pro (another video editing software). DaVinci is a friendly software, mainly used in film editing, podcast editing, interview editing, and much more. Its significant features include the facilitation of multi-camera editing, visual effects, fusion magic mask, AI death mask, and AI Voice Isolate. Furthermore, there are multiple features available in this software for video editing such as the Mac user can color grade, color corrections, audio enhancement, subtitles, adding text, and much more. 

DaVinci Resolve claimed in 2019 that there are more than 2 million users that are using the free version of DaVinci Resolve worldwide with overall ratings of 4.8 stars. It offers two Variants, DaVinci Resolve and DaVinci Resolve Studio. Users can download DaVinci Resolve for free and DaVinci Resolve Studio for US$295 with a single-time payment plan.


2. IMovie

IMovie by Apple Inc. is a free video editing software for Mac users. IMovie is a friendly free-of-cost software with having understandable interface even for beginners. It comes pre-install on the Mac. It is mainly used in editing all kinds of videos such as reels, shorts, podcasts, interviews, real estate videos, and much more.

The key features of IMovie include a magic movie feature that automatically edits files, and outstanding tools such as trimming, color grading, cutting, splitting, storyboard templates, and content sharing directly on social media. It supports 4k video quality and has a library of visual and audio sound effects. If you are looking for the best free video editing software for Mac, select IMovie for high-quality video editing.


3. Filmora Wondershare

Filmora Wonder Share is a powerful and easy-to-use video editing software for beginners and professional video editors, especially Mac users. It has significant features for the users which include motion elements, artificial intelligence-based features, free stock media, templates, etc.

Filmora Wonder Share claimed 100 million+ users across 150 countries with overall ratings of 4.5 stars. Users can download Filmora Wonder Share for free. However there are limited features available in the free version but Filmora Wonder Share offers three payment plans with seven days of free trial, including subscription, cross-platform, and perpetual plans.


4. Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro by Apple Inc. is a famous video editing software for Mac users. Final Cut Pro is powerful, strong, and easy to use for all kinds of video editing on Mac. It includes many of the same features as DaVinci Resolve, but it also has some unique features, such as Magnetic Timeline, which makes it simple to edit and organize high-quality videos. It also supports 360-degree video editing and features that support virtual reality editing.

Apple Final Cut Pro claimed in 2018 that there are 2.5 million+ users using the free version of it with an overall ratings of 4.7 stars. Apple Final Cut Pro is also available for a one-time purchase price of US$ 299.99. Users can take a 90-day free trial as well. If you are looking for the best free video editing software, Final Cut Pro is the best among all software.


5. Capcut

Capcut is considered as the most friendly and easy-to-use video editing software for Mac users. Its usage is expected to grow in 2024 because it is a free and full-of-feature video editing software. Some highlighting features of Capcut include auto-captions, removing backgrounds, upscaling videos, AI-based color correction, photo colorizer, portrait generator, and many more.

Capcut offers free downloading on the App Store, and more than 500 million users have already using this software on Mac and Android mobile phones. This software is unique and easy to use and anyone can understand it after installing it the first time. If you are looking for the best free video editing software, Capcut is the best software to install on your Mac.


6. OpenShot

OpenShot is one of the best video editing software for the Mac users because of its unique features and it is completely free for its users. OpenShot is considered a great software for the learner to edit videos for YouTube before moving to the standard video editing software. The interface of this software is very unique and easy to understand which helps beginners or any professional to edit their video content.

It has a lot of advanced features such as color adjustment tools, background removal, key frames, unlimited background effects, animations, unlimited editing tracks, and over 400 preset effects. It is completely free which makes it the best option for video editors or anyone who does not have a budget to purchase expensive software. The various features that support YouTube video editing include intro, outros, subscription buttons, snapping, slicing, panning, zooming, title making, and much more.


7. ShotCut

ShotCut is an open-source platform and is considered one of the best free video editing software for Mac because of its format support which includes up to 8k resolution. The beginner can also edit their video content on ShotCut because it has a wide range of audio filters, unique transitions unlimited undo and redo options which helps the beginners to edit their videos perfectly.

The interface is not very familiar to beginners but it is a way good to learn complex video editing. This software has time-saving pre-made templates for Mac users, three-way cooler wheels for color correction an eye dropper for white balancing, audio filters such as compressors, down mix, Invert, Reverb, and much more. The best thing is that it updates regularly for improvements and bug fixes. Overall this software is offering advanced functionality for the video editor at no cost. If you are looking for the best video editing software, Choose ShotCut for video editing.


8. Hit film Express

Hit film express is a free video editing software for the Mac users. It has over 400 presets, unique effects, 2D and 3D composition tools. It supports 4k UHD resolution format for high quality video editing. There are two variants available in which Hit Film Express is completely free for the Mac users that will handle the basic needs of a video editor. This video editing software is appropriate for both beginners and intermediate video editors.

The interface is very easy and suggesting with useful hints and suggestion for the users. It has drag and drop option for the movies, video and audio files to the software panel. Furthermore, it also has VFX editing capabilities. If you are searching for the best video editing software for mac users, Hit Film is one of the best choice to choose for video editing.

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