09 Best Software for Podcast editing


Podcasts are an innovative way to convey and share the information worldwide. The video editing software makes it very easy to convert any kind of raw footage into high-quality engaging videos. If we look at the podcast editing software, there are plenty of podcast editing software available that provides the advanced video editing features and facilities for its users. Millions of people are using these editing software and improving their podcast’s visuals. These are our picks for the best software for podcast editing that provides a variety of tools and features to transform raw footage into engaging podcasts. This blog provides deep insights into the best video podcast editing software.


1. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is considered the most popular video editing software among all the video editing software. Whether the user uses it for podcast editing or other videos, it provides smooth and high-quality engaging video editing because of its unique tools and features. It has all the advanced features to make raw footage into extraordinary engaging Podcasts for the professional and local Podcasters. It offers all the editing tools and features that helps to enhance the podcasts such as unique effects, color grading and correction tools, responsive speed and fast rendering, stabilization tool, unlimited multi-cam editing, and the most impressive features include collaboration and output with others and teams who use Adobe Creative Cloud Suite applications.


Adobe Premiere Pro Interface

The primary reasons for its versatile video editing include visual effects, motion graphics, AI-Based Audio Tagging, and Speech Text. Another reason for its success is that Nine million people are expert and professional in using Adobe Premiere Pro and are expected to grow further ahead. The success rate of the software is indicated by its 4.7-star rating by its users. The software offers free downloading and a free seven-day trial, and it is available in two different payment plans. If you are looking for the premium software for podcast editing, Adobe Premiere Pro is the best among all the software.


2. DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve is one the best software for podcast editing and it is very easy to edit all types of video editing. It is mainly used in editing video podcasts, film editing and interviews editing. It has developed by Blackmagic Design and according to them, DaVinci Resolve is Hollywood’s #1 post-production solution for the users especially for the video podcast editing. It has no limitations for video editing. It provides free of cost advanced features to their users such as no export restrictions, no watermarks, 4k video editing and much more. It offers premium and powerful video editing tools like Adobe Premiere Pro. DaVinci Resolve has a lot of professional podcast editing features which includes, multi camera editing, fusion, Built-in visual effects, color grading and correction audio enhancement, and much more.


Davinci Resolve Interface

It has multi-user collaboration, and its users can connect through the colorists, editors, visual effects, and artists through Blackmagic Cloud. It offers two Variants, DaVinci Resolve and DaVinci Resolve Studio. Users can download DaVinci Resolve for free and DaVinci Resolve Studio for US$295 with a single-time payment plan. If you are looking for a convenient and free software for podcast editing, choose DaVinci Resolve among all the podcasts editing software.


3. Riverside

Riverside is considered as one of the best podcast editing and recording platforms for the podcasters. The Riverside has an in-built text editor with professional and advanced tools that can polish the podcasts. It features the long form podcast that can turn into short clips, teasers, for promoting them on social media. It offers various automatic features such as auto transcriptions for accurate captions, unwanted cuts, background removal, audio normalization, color correction, color grading and much more. The key features includes clips, AI speaker layout, automatic multi-track sync, branding and customizable tools and transcript timeline navigations.


Riverside Interface

Riverside can be downloaded free of cost and come up with three different payment plan methods which includes standard $15 per month, Pro $24 per month and enterprise which has a custom pricing plan for the users. If you are looking for the two in one software for Podcast editing and recording, choose Riverside for high-quality engaging podcast editing.


4. Filmora WonderShare

Filmora Wondershare is another video podcast editing software for professional video editors especially for the Mac users. It consists of a unique and easy interface that beginners can understand easily at first sight. It has various significant features including motion graphics, color grading, color correction, artificial intelligence based tools, motion elements, speech-to-text, fast export, limited multi-cam, color matching, free stock media, templates, and more. It offers all the advanced video podcast editing features at a low cost that can convert any raw footage of podcasts into engaging and high quality visuals. The other video editing software provides all the features that Filmora has at a high price.


Filmora Wondershare Interface

The 100 million+ users are using Filmora across 150 countries and it can be downloaded for free online. However there are limited features available in the free version but Filmora WonderShare offers three payment plans with seven days of free trial, including subscription and cross-platform. If you are looking for famous and low-cost software for podcast editing, Filmora Wondershare is the premium choice.


5. Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro is a popular podcast video editing software for Mac users. It has a modern and unique interface with an unlimited trackless timeline that helps the podcast editor for smooth and high-quality editing. The Final Cut Pro has the features which includes the advanced clip editing tools, 360-degree video editing, multi-camera editing, color correction, color grading, audio syncing, AI enhancement tools, wide range of unique effects, virtual video editing, and much more. . It also includes many of the same features as DaVinci Resolve, but it also has some unique features, such as Magnetic Timeline, which makes it simple to edit and organize high-quality podcasts visuals.


Final Cut pro Interface

The IPad version of Final Cut Pro offers a monthly subscription of US$4.99 for using it. There are a lot of tools that make it different from the other video editing software. The video editing tools which makes it superior in video editing organization include auto analysis for faces and scenes, libraries, rating and tagging, multi-camera support, and fast performance. All of these features are rare which can be used to enhance the quality of Podcasts while editing.  The one-time purchase cost is US$299.99. The user also can get 90-days free of trial as well. If you are looking for the best video podcast editing software, Final Cut Pro is the best among all software.


6. CyberLink Power Director

CyberLink Power director is a straightforward and easy-to-use video podcast editing software for the podcasters. It has a concise, friendly interface with a wide range of AI tools that help to make eye-catching, engaging podcast visuals. Power Director is powerful and full of features, which include advanced splitting, merging, multi-cam editing, video effects, cropping, and much more.


CyberLink Power Director Interface

It has all the advanced features that can convert any raw footage of video podcast into high-quality engaging videos.  There are various versions available of CyberLink Power Director. Power Director is free but has limitations. The ultra and ultimate provide features of a single-time purchase. The Power Director 365 has monthly and annual subscription plans for their users. The Power Director is a strong choice for beginners, pro content creators, and video editors.


7. CapCut

CapCut is considered as the most common and friendly video podcast editing software among all the popular video editing software. The CapCut serves an ideal video editing platform for the podcast editors. Because it is free and full-of-feature video editing software such as user can choose their favorite music, 4k to 1080p video resolution, hundreds of video editing effects, transitions, filters, and much more.


Capcut Interface

Some highlighting features of CapCut are cutting, speed adjustment, reversal, music, integration, stickers, text, AI tools, Built-in effects, motion tracking, advance color grading, AI enhancement, stabilization features and much more.

CapCut offers free downloading on Windows, App Store, and Play Store and more than 500 million users have already used this software on Windows, Mac, and Android mobile phones. This software is unique and easy to use and anyone can understand it after installing it the first time. If you are looking for the best video podcast editing software CapCut is the best software to go for.


8. ShotCut

Shotcut is an open-source platform and is considered one of the best video editing software especially podcast editing software. Because of its format support which includes up to 8k resolution. The beginner can also edit their video content on Shotcut because it has a wide range of audio filters, unique transitions unlimited undo and redo options which helps the beginners to edit their videos perfectly. The interface is not very familiar to beginners but it is a way good to learn complex video editing.


Shotcut Interface

This software has time-saving pre-made templates for video editors, three-way cooler wheels for color correction an eye dropper for white balancing, audio filters such as compressors, down mix, Invert, Reverb, and much more. The best thing is that it updates regularly for improvements and bug fixes. Overall this software is offering advanced functionality for the video editor at no cost. If you are looking for the popular software for podcast editing, Choose Shotcut to edit your video podcasts.


9. OpenShot

OpenShot is one of the best open source software for podcast editing that can be operated on Windows, Mac and Linux. It has variety of unique features and tools and it is completely free for its users to edit podcasts. OpenShot is considered a best software for the learner to edit videos before moving to the standard video editing software. The interface of this software is very unique and easy to understand which helps beginners or any professional to edit their video content.


Openshot Interface

It has a lot of advanced features such as 3D video editing, audio capture, close caption, animation and transitions, color grading, content management, customizable templates, data importing and exporting, and much more. All of these features are enough to convert any raw footages into high-quality video podcast. It is completely free which makes it the popular option for video podcast editors or anyone who does not have a budget to purchase expensive software.

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