How to Grow your YouTube Channel in 2024


YouTube has become the fastest-growing social media platform in recent years. Building a YouTube channel in 2024 will help you reach and convey your visual content to a large quantity of viewers.

Everyone has a distinct talent and ideas to provide a creative YouTube channel. To grow your YouTube channel in 2024, you must know about some basic steps. The fundamentals of growth depend upon finding and increasing the channel’s viewership. Here are some basic steps that will help in growing the YouTube channel in 2024.


The majority of YouTube’s viewers watch videos without subscribing to the channel. So, one of the best video must be placed as a welcome video to the channel. The introductory video should convey the focused area of the channel and mentions benefits of subscribing to channel. The video will set visitors’ expectations about the channel, so it should be engaging and well-edited.



Video Editing is one of the most crucial steps to enhance the quality of any YouTube video. Add transitions and background music, removing and cutting all the unnecessary parts help to make your video visually appealing and engage your viewers to watch the video till the end. This, in turn, can contribute to increased viewership, subscriber growth, and overall success on the platform.

Some Video Editing Tools are:

podcasst editing softwares


It is not enough to post a video on YouTube. The thumbnail is the first impression of the video for viewers, and it is also the deciding factor to watch any video. The thumbnail creation is an art and could be followed by current trends. Several features can improve the design of thumbnails, including a combination of colors, different font styles, images, and icons.

To facilitate the thumbnail creation, there are multiple software which will help, including: 

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator 


Note: it is significant to make thumbnail responsive, which should properly display its contents on all devices. 



Keyword research has a critical role in making your content viral. Picking the right keywords and putting keywords in your video’s Title and description impact your video and increase its reach for a broader audience. Moreover, keywords also help to make videos visible to search engines.
Keyword research can be performed by following sequence of steps including selecting main keywords, making different use cases, searching and analyzing statistics of each keyword, and finally sorting keywords as per their importance.


Optimize videos for search engine

YouTube video must be optimized for search engines; it helps to reach the content to wider audiences and increase your chances of channel’s visibility.
The optimization can be applied in various manners, including adding keywords in title of videos, using long tail keywords and selecting specific tags for each video


Growing a YouTube channel requires a strategic approach and consistent effort. Mastering and implementing these basic steps will boost the visibility of your YouTube channel in 2024.

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