Top 05 Ideas to Create a YouTube Channel In 2024


YouTube is a fantastic platform for content creators and provides new ways of engaging audiences by creating visually attractive content. If anyone plans to create a new YouTube channel in 2024, a few lucrative ideas will help creators generate engaging videos and reach the masses. This blog discusses the top five YouTube channel creation ideas in 2024

1. Educational Courses

The educational community requires courses, and as per the world population review, more than 86.3% of people worldwide are literate. Besides this, more than 51% of viewers on YouTube are learning new skills through YouTube. However, choosing a particular niche of education is very significant in the success of any YouTube channel.


It is preferable to select a niche of your choice and expertise so that you may add value to visual content. Moreover, it is also necessary to follow current trends by using effective editing tools to make engaging videos that get viewers’ attention until the end of the video—a few of the popular channels of Ted-Ed, C.G.P. Grey, Khan Academy, and many more.

2. Gaming and Entertainment

Gaming is a competitive niche for video creation. However, there is room for new creators to grow successful gaming channels. According to Google, over 200 million people regularly watch gaming content on YouTube. Some of the famous gaming YouTube channels are:

Techno Gamerz has 37.4 Million Subscribers

Jacksepticeye has 30.5 Million Subscribers

VanossGaming has 25.9 Million Subscribers



There are a few tips which can help in the fast growth of gaming channels, which include:

  • Find any game you enjoy playing with an audience to watch, whether action, strategy, or simulation.
  • Show your content to your gaming preferences.
  • Enhance your YouTube gameplay with video editing.
  • To attract viewers’ attention, provide entertaining commentary, tips, and insights about the games you play.
  • Engaging with viewers through live streams or community discussions will also improve the chances of the channel’s success.

3. Vlogs

We live in a postmodern era where social media has a massive role in visualizing our lives in front of the world. Daily vlogging is one of their ways of sharing day-to-day life experiences. According to research, the global usage reach of vlogs is approximately 23.4% in the fourth quarter of 2022.

The vloggers share trips via Vlogs, special events, and their lifestyles. Viewers spend an average of 11 minutes watching a vlogs. 


Few of the important tips can significantly grow the vlog-based channel:

  • Effective editing can enhance the quality of videos and help grab viewers’ attention until the end of the video. 
  • Social media engagements in the subscribed community will help in getting the attention of viewers and growing the community 
  • This is an excellent way to connect with your audience by visualizing day-to-day information about yourself. Trendy Vloging ideas are Daily Vlogs, Travel Vlogs, food Vlogs, etc.

Some famous vlogging YouTube channels are;

Casey Neistat 12.6 Million 

Like Nastya 111 Million and many more 

4. Product Reviews and Unboxing

Product reviews and unboxing channels have remained successful in recent years and are expected to top the trend in 2024. Product reviews and unboxings are about sharing your thoughts on new purchases, whether good or not. According to research by Saleslion, 81% of shoppers do research before buying a product, which shows the significance of this category of channels. 

These channels effectively provide up-to-date information about the latest product, software and tech accessories, their comparative analysis, and honest opinion. 


Some popular Product Reviews and Unboxings ideas include:

  1. Tech Gadgets: Smartphones, laptops, and other gadgets.
  2. Beauty Products:New makeup or skincare products.
  3. Toys and Games:Toys and board games.

Some famous product reviews and unboxing channels are:

Mrwhosetheboss 17.5 Million 

Mai Pham 3.26 Million 

5. Podcast

Podcasts have gained popularity in the last few years as the graph continuously grows. Starting a Podcast channel in 2024 would be another excellent idea to connect with your desired audience and rapid growth. Some of the podcast-based channel ideas may include: 

  1. Interview Podcast
  2. Discussion Podcast.
  3. Storytelling Podcast.

Creators invite guests to talk on different topics. You can listen to it like a talk show. 

Some Famous Podcast channels are;

The Joe Rogan Experience 15.9 Million 

Stuff you should know 148 k 

YouTube is full of fun, creativity, and engagement; the discussed ideas are some of the trendiest ideas for starting a YouTube channel in 2024. You can get success by creating a YouTube channel after maintaining consistency and scheduled posting and interacting with the audience by reading comments and answering them. 

This blog will help you to make a strong channel and community on your YouTube channel in 2024. 

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