Top Video Editing Skills to Learn in 2024


Video editing has become an important skill to learn in this advanced world. The demand for high-quality video content is growing from social media platforms to professional film productions. Let’s look at some of the critical video editing skills to focus in 2024. This blog will look at the top video editing skills to master in 2024.

Integration of Artificial Intelligence in Video Editing

With technological advancements, artificial intelligence has made its way into video editing. In 2024, mastering AI Integration will be crucial for video editors. Research suggests that AI can save around 30-80% of editing time for repetitive tasks like trimming, color correction, and audio editing. The AI-powered video editors claim to create and edit videos up to 80% faster than traditional methods. Also, AI can help in script generation, voiceover creation, text-to-video conversion, automatic subtitles generation, and may more facilities.


By learning how to integrate AI tools into their workflow, editors can streamline their processes, allowing them to focus on the creative aspects of editing.

Some free AI tools are given below:


Color correction:

Audio editing:

AI script generator:

AI voiceover generator:


Automatic captions:

Virtual Reality (VR) Editing

Virtual Reality is becoming popular in various industries, including entertainment and gaming. The VR market is estimated to grow from USD25 billion in 2023 to USD165 billion by 2030. In 2024, learning to edit VR footage will open up new opportunities for editors. However, VR editing requires a different skill set, involving working with 360-degree footage and creating a hypnotic experience for viewers.

Coursera offers free virtual Reality and 360 video production courses.


Motion Graphics and Visual Effects (Vfx)

Motion graphics and visual effects have always been important in video editing, but their significance will continue to grow in 2024. As consumers become more visually sophisticated, editors need to be able to create eye-catching and engaging graphics and effects. The global motion graphics and VFX market is expected to reach $26.31 billion by 2025.


Research is projecting 10% job growth from 2022 to 2032 in motion graphics and VFX. Moreover, the salaries for experienced artists can be substantial, with top VFX artists earning over $100,000 annually. Some YouTube channels to learn Motion graphics and vfx include:

Mobile Editing

Mobile video editing is becoming highly important with the increasing use of smartphones as a primary means of consuming content. More than 3 billion mobile video editing apps were downloaded in 2023. Generally, users spend 30-60 minutes daily editing videos on their phones. Furthermore, mobile applications like CapCut and VN have made professional-quality video editing accessible on mobile devices. Click here to read more about video editing apps. Free resource to learn mobile video editing:

Video Editing Course


Multi-Platform Editing

The global multi-platform editing software market will reach $7.2 billion by 2026. In 2024, video editors have to be proficient in editing for multiple platforms, including social media, streaming services, and websites.  Each forum has its specifications and requirements, and editors must understand how to optimize their videos for different platforms to ensure the best viewing experience for their audience. To learn multi-platform editing for free:


Collaboration and Remote Editing

Collaboration and remote editing skills have become essential in an increasingly globalized world. Learning how to efficiently collaborate with clients or team members across different locations using tools like or Google Drive can vastly improve your workflow and productivity. Some Benefits and Advantages of collaboration and remote editing includes enhanced team productivity, faster project turnaround time and saving cost. The Udemy and Skillshare offer courses on collaboration, remote editing techniques, and best practices.


Audio Editing and Sound Design

Audio plays a vital role while creating an exciting video experience. Studies show that audio can influence our emotions up to 80% more than visuals. A solid background in audio editing and sound design will allow me to polish and deliver high-quality final videos. More than 75% of viewers have suggested that the audio is essential for a positive viewing experience.


Furthermore, learning how to clean up audio, adding sound effects, and mixing audio elements will enhance the overall impact of videos. The Audacity and GarageBand enhances audio and sound design to provide better experience for listeners. Some YouTube channels to learn audio editing are:

Color Grading and Color Correction

Color grading and color correction make a significant difference in the overall look and feel of a video. Mastering Color grading and correction in 2024 will be essential for video editors.


The image shown in figure shows the difference between normal and color graded pictures. The color grading feature enhances the whole vibe of the any image. The skill of understanding color and its tone will help editors create visually impressive videos.

Some free YouTube channels to learn color grading and correction are:

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