How to Start Your Video Podcast in 2024


Video podcasts provides engaging and a kind of unique way to connect with the audience. In 2024, it is an opportunity to share knowledge, expertise and experiences with a wide audience. The podcasts evolves with high quality visuals and its ability to engage the viewers. Moreover, it has also become one of the most entertaining and informative platform for sharing because it has ability to engage the viewers with its strong and knowledgeable narratives. It is not important to hold any particular niche, whether you are focusing on interviews or educational content, video podcast allows you to share your ideas to the large audience. This detailed blog helps quickly to identify the process and steps.

Importance of starting video podcast in 2024

Starting your own video podcast in 2024 is very important because it has is an effective way to engage with the targeted audience. It provides the unique way to convey emotions, body language and facial expressions through the solid connections with the viewers. Furthermore, it allows creative editing and has potential for viral reach on various platforms.

To own your video podcast in 2024, follow the given most essential steps:


Step 1: Define Your Podcast Niche and Audience

The very first and most essential step is to know your expertise and passion to focus on a particular subject. Because you will be able to deliver an authentic and engaging content to your targeted audience. Moreover, the research will help you to know the interest of the targeted viewers and allows you to make podcast according to their needs.


Step 2: Gather High-Quality Equipment

High quality equipment sets the overall quality of the video podcasts. It is essential to purchase high quality equipment to improve the quality of recorded videos. Make sure to purchase good camera, lenses, high quality mics to record sound without wide noise, and lighting materials to avoid the low quality video recording.

Moreover, by using video editing through the advanced editing software will make your recorded podcast engaging for the audience.


Investing in good equipment is critical to record a video podcast. It is preferred to purchase a camera that supports 4k videography or high-resolution visuals and has excellent battery time to register to your Podcast. For example, companies like Sony,  Nikon, and Canon, these Company cameras have all the features to record a good podcast.

For Audio, good quality microphones with a strong base and the capability to recordcrystal clear voice  without noise are essential. It would be better to purchase Boya or Rode microphones.

In terms of lighting, choose LED panels.

Step 3: Plan and Script Your Episodes

Once you have selected the topic of your Podcast, it is significant to decide the format, duration, and structure of each episode. This will help to make an engaging experience for your audience. To keep your Podcast informative and entertaining, connect content to another. It can be done by exploring related topics or inviting guest speakers who can provide different perspectives.


During the recording process, it is expected to catch the moments you may get stuck or lose your thoughts. Therefore, it is helpful to prepare scripts or talking points to stay on a smooth track. These preparations can serve as a guide to cover all the essential points and maintain the engaging flow of conversation.

to catch the moments you may get stuck or lose your thoughts. Therefore, it is helpful to prepare scripts or talking points to stay on a smooth track. These preparations can serve as a guide to cover all the essential points and maintain the engaging flow of conversation.

Step 4. Record your Podcast

Recording the podcast is one of the most critical steps while making your Podcast. The background during recording should be appealing, it may match with theme or topic of the podcast. Additionally, paying attention to camera angles in necessary for taking best visuals. It is also suggested to take a backup of recording files for future use.


Step 5. Edit Podcast Video Editing

Video Editing

After recording your podcast episode, it’s time to add value in podcast by editing it through professional video editors having prior experience of editing podcasts. It includes trimming and cutting unnecessary footage and adding captions or graphics. There are many podcast editing services available which including SambaraVid.


There are a lot of software options available for podcast editing, few of the popular are:

  • Adobe Premier Pro
  • DaVinci Resolve.
  • Apple Final Cut pro 

To read more about editing software for Computer

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You must focus on the Podcast’s audio, because it must be crystal clear and well-synced with your footage. Use DAW (Digital audio workspace), it is an audio editing program with all the material from recording to audio editing. Some famous DAWs are;

Step 6. Choose Platform

Once your Podcast is ready, you must choose a hosting platform to distribute your content. For this purpose, research the features, benefits, and pricing of each Platform to determine the best fit for your Podcast. Some popular options include YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and podcast-specific platforms such as Libsyn.


Step 7. Promote your Podcast

Promoting your video podcast’s highlights on social media is a great way to grab the attention of your targeted audience. By sharing shorts and teasers of your podcast episodes, curiosity of organic viewers can be raised to divert them towards full episode of podcast. Moreover, organic fan base will be created by engaging with social media audience. Also, responding to comments, conducting Q&A sessions, or hosting live interactions can create a sense of community and make your audience feel involved and valued.


If you want to start a video podcast in 2024, creating a video podcast can be a fulfilling and lucrative idea. Following the above steps will make a successful video podcast that will be connected and reliable to the audience’s interest.

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