How to make Animated Videos with AI


In today’s digital world, animated videos have become a powerful tool and technique for storytelling, marketing, and entertainment. On the other hand, making traditional animation can be time consuming and expensive. But fortunately, with the invention of Artificial intelligence (AI), everyone can now make great looking high-quality engaging videos.

Understanding AI in Animation


Ai animation uses Artificial intelligence to make animated videos. This video making process totally relies on the algorithm of Artificial intelligence (AI) to make visuals in a record time and more efficiently than with the other animation techniques. AI animation has various varieties such as movies, video games, virtual reality and much more. AI is efficient in a way, when the editor just gives commands for making video and automating repetitive tasks including making crowd scenes and background of the video. This process is called generative AI.

Animated video is the hardest to make among all the video types. The editor just does not need to draw a character cartoon but also it is necessary to animate them with the professional tools. It takes a lot of money and months of time. But AI changes the world of traditional animation because the latest AI Chatbot, ChatGPT and various software have the ability to make animated videos.

Some benefits of using AI in animation

  • Time efficiency: AI reduces the time required to produce the animated videos.
  • Cost Effective: It removes the need of a team of animators to make animation which can reduce production cost of animation.
  • Quality: AI-driven animation contains high-quality and consistency.

Step by step guide to make AI animated videos

1. Choose Topic and Script: Before generating AI animated video and its process, it is essential to have a clear idea to convey in the video. It is better to write a script by making an outline of the message, character and scenes of the video. Because the story cannot go far without a perfect theme or message. If anyone has no idea how to write a script, it is better to take help of Chat GPT for some suggestions. You can input a query such as what are the 10 stories children, teenagers, YouTubers love. Pick one of the themes about the interest of the audience.

2. Select AI Tools: Based on the requirement of video and budget, choose an AI animation tool and software. There are various tools and software that are providing services for generating AI based animated video. Some of them are given below:

  • The online tools include: Renderforest and Biteable offers friendly and simple interfaces, and a variety of templates which makes it easy to make animations without any experience.
  • AI-powered Software: Vyond, crazyTalk and FlexClip offers AI to simplify the animation making process. They offer advanced features and customization options to make animation.

3. Customize Characters and Scenes: Most of the AI tools allow you to customize characters and scenes. The editors can choose or create the characters that fit the story and script of the video. With AI animated video tools, the editors are no longer limited to templates and stock characters. Instead, the editor can customize every aspect of the video. Moreover, the editor can fine-tune each and every detail such as facial expression to background environment that represents the message and resonate with the audience.

4. Animate the Story: If you are using the tool and software to animate the video, it is necessary to understand the instructions of the tools and software. Follow the instructions of the tools to animate the script. There are various things to add that enhance the video such as motion graphics, expressions and interaction between characters. Add them to enhance the quality and storyline of the video.

5. Add background Music and Voiceover: Adding background music or voiceover is essential in the video. In today’s world, adding narration or music is not a difficult task anymore. Many AI tools offer a library of audio options. Various video editing tools are providing services for adding background music. The software you are using for animation, use it to add background music such as FlexClip offers 140 languages and 200 voices to speak out anything for the video. Add music or voiceover that matches the script of the video.

6. Review and Edit: Preview the video and make all the necessary corrections and adjustments in the video. Make sure the animation runs smoothly and convey the intended messages.

7. Export and Share: Once you are satisfied with animation, export it in the desired format and share it with the target audience on any platform.

Pros and Cons of AI Animation

The advantages of using AI in animation include:

  • Faster production times
  • More accurate motion capture
  • More realistic characters
  • Reduced costs
  • Automation of processes
  • Freedom in animation

On the other hand:

  • Expensive to implement
  • Lack of creative control
  • Have incompatibilities with the existing software
  • Require training and expertise
  • Mistakes are difficult to detect and fix


The future of AI animation is promising, but there are still many challenges to overcome. Developing AI algorithms that can create realistic visuals requires a deep understanding of the art, and also a significant investment of time and resources. However, the benefits of AI animation often covers the drawbacks, especially as the tech gets better.

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