Best AI Video Editing Tools

The Video editing world has now undergone a significant transformation with the power of artificial intelligence (AI). AI video editing tools have come over to manage the process of video editing that help the professionals and content creators to save their time and efforts. With AI powered video editing software and tools, the video editor now can automate the tasks such as color correction, object detection and audio enhancement that helps them to free up creativity and energy. This blog will provide detailed information about the AI video editing tools and software that provide full of AI video editing services.


1. Filmora Wondershare

Filmora Wondershare is a powerful video editing software for professional video editors. It was launched in 2015 to provide digital video editing for the users. The interface of Filmora Wondershare is eye-catching and easy for users to handle. It has various features of AI-based tools, motion elements, speech-to-text, fast export, limited multi-cam, color matching, free stock media, templates, and more. It offers all the advanced video editing features at a low cost, while the other video editing software provides them at a high price.

There are various AI video editing tools that Filmora Wondershare provides for its users. The AI video editing tools are given below.

  • AI audio stretch: Filmora matches the audio output with the length of the video, such as the music lasts the entire duration of your video. It supports numerous audio formats, including .flac, .wav, .mp4, .3gp, and .ogg.
  • AI smart cutout: Filmora minimizes the need for green screens by allowing to paint over unwanted objects and backgrounds, which are then automatically removed from your video clips. It also generates multiple preview modes, allowing you to choose the best one to use.
  • AI audio denoise: The video editor can clean the audio and remove distracting background noises like rain, wind, and traffic, ensuring that viewers focus on the content.
  • Auto frame: Filmora identifies with the help of Ai, the focal point or action of the frame and make sure it’s always in sight.
  • Silence detection: Filmora makes more engaging videos by identifying and cutting out unnecessary pauses and silence.

2. InVideo

InVideo is an online video editing software that allows its user to make professional videos from raw footages. It offers various advanced video editing features such as Ai auto video editing, pre made templates, stock footages, music tracks, text to speech, collaborations, aspects customizations. All these video editing features can transform raw footages into high-quality engaging video. InVideo also provides the 5000 customizable templates for the video editors. It has a multi-cam video editing feature and the user just needs to drag and drop the video into the interface to make their video into high-quality video. The integrated video editor can automatically transform the raw footages into high-quality videos.

There are various AI video editing tools that InVideo provides for its users. The AI video editing tools are given below:

  • Text to video generation: With InVideo’s AI copilot, the video editor can generate scripts, clips, and scenes using text commands and add them to your video.
  • AI-powered editor: It provides suggestions and tips to enhance the content.
  • Voiceovers: The editor can choose between different AI-generated voiceovers and include them in the content.

3. ClipChamp

ClipChamp is the best free video editing software for PC which consists of the operating system of web and windows. It is owned by Microsoft which is very easy to use because of its unique interface. This software is specially built for those who never edit any video or never tried video editing before. ClipChamp is providing the advanced AI video editing tools and features to its users which includes AI video editor, Auto captioning, Speech coach, Silence removal, special effects, color adjustment, green screen, stock asset library, resizer, color grading and color correction. ClipChamp is the best software to use for social media content creators, marketers and beginners.

  • There are various AI video editing tools that ClipChamp provides for its users. The AI video editing tools are given below:

    • Auto captions: This feature automatically makes accurate captions in over 80 languages.
    • Text to speech: The text to speech turns text into speech in just one click, with options to change the language, voice, pitch, style and pace.
    • Resize video: The resize video feature changes the aspect ratio of any video to suit any platform, with options to add background colors and blur effects.
    • Speaker coach: It helps the users to become more confident communicators by tracking their pace, pitch and filler words.
    • Auto compose: This AI video editing feature saves time on editing by making videos with AI, with options to upload photos and videos.

4. Adobe Premier Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is considered the most popular video editing software among all the video editing software. Whether the user uses it for podcast editing or other videos, it provides smooth and high-quality engaging video editing because of its unique tools and features. The premium video editing features include trimming, cutting, adding transitions, effects, removing background noise, improving audio quality and supporting 4K and 8K video resolution. The primary reasons for its versatile video editing include visual effects, motion graphics, AI-Based Audio Tagging, and Speech Text.

Adobe Premiere Pro is integrated with AI that helps to speed up the video editing process for the video editors. Because the AI provides the auto color balancing, captioning and transcription for the video editors. There are various AI video editing tools that Adobe Premiere Pro provides for its users. The AI video editing tools are given below:

  • Cutting: It uses AI to join different video clips into one using smooth transitions, which provides smooth high-quality video editing.
  • Adding text: The editor can generate any video transcripts with the AI and use them to edit any video which includes removing and adding clips and modifying sequence settings.
  • Auto color: With AI technology, the editor can do color corrections and modifies the level of exposure, contrast, and white balance in the videos. It also helps with color grading, and makes consistent color tone in a video.
  • Speech to text: It uses AI to automate the caption correction. It currently supports more than 18 languages which also includes English (U.S. and U.K.), Spanish, Chinese (three versions), French, Hindi, and Japanese.
  • Remix: The video editor can keep the video and audio in sync using AI. This includes matching soundtracks and beats to whatever is happening in the videos.

5. Runway

Run is a premium video editing software that provides a lot of AI tools for motion tracking, video editing, Key framing and video effects to help the editor to make professional high-quality engaging videos. It is based on the Gen-2 and generative AI model that allows the editors to make any visuals by using AI text prompts that saves the time and efforts of the video editors. It provides the collaborative features to the video editor to collaborate with the friends for multiple video editing projects from the browser.

There are various AI video editing tools that Runway provides for its users. The AI video editing tools are given below:

  • Text to color: The editor can color grade any visual by using text prompts.
  • Blur face: This software identifies the faces and blurs it so that the editor does not want to appear on the video.
  • Super slow motion: AI slows down the video at various aspects that click each and every detail of the video.
  • Audio cleaning: The AI of Runway detects and cuts the silence and background noise from the raw footage to make high-quality video.
  • Text generation: The AI of Runway generates the text and subtitles for the content of the video.
  • Green Screen: It provides an AI tool for modifying, removing and adding background of the video.

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