Best Video Editing Software for Beginners

Video editing has become an essential skill for anyone who is looking to share their story, present their brand or services, or express themselves creatively and engagingly to the world. As video content becomes increasingly important for growing businesses, there is a high demand for simple and easy-to-use video editing software. It can be crucial to choose the right video editing software for the beginners. That’s why we have researched the best video editing software options for beginners and provided a comprehensive guide in this blog to help you make the best choice.
Whether you are a YouTuber, content creator, influencer, or hobbyist, we will explore the best video editing software that is simple and easy to use. From friendly and understandable interface to advanced features. From the simple and understandable interfaces to advanced features, this blog covers all aspects. By following the recommendations in this blog, anyone can use the recommended software with ease.

1. OpenShot

OpenShot is one of the best video editing software for Windows Mac and Linux users because of its unique features and it is completely free for the users. OpenShot is considered a great software for the learners and beginners to edit videos before moving to the standard video editing software. The interface of this software is very unique and easy to understand which helps beginners or any professional to edit their video content. It has a lot of advanced features such as color adjustment tools, background removal, key frames, unlimited background effects, animations, unlimited editing tracks, and over 400 preset effects.

It is completely free which makes it the best option for video editors or anyone who does not have a budget to purchase expensive software. There are various features that support video editing including intro, outros, subscription buttons, snapping, slicing, panning, zooming, title making, and much more. If you are looking for the video editing software especially to edit YouTube content, OpenShot is the one of the great choices among all the software.

2. ShotCut

ShotCut is an open-source video editing platform and considered as one of the simplest video editing software because of its tools and format support which includes up to 8k resolution. The beginner can also edit their video content on ShotCut because it has a wide range of audio filters, unique transitions, unlimited undo and redo options which helps the beginners to edit their videos perfectly.

This software has time-saving pre-made templates for video editors, three-way cooler wheels for color correction, an eye dropper for white balancing, audio filters such as compressors, down mix, Invert, Reverb, and much more. Overall this software is offering advanced functionality for the video editor at no cost. If you are looking at the best video editing software for beginners, Choose ShotCut for unstoppable video editing.

3. Power Director

Power director is a straightforward and easy-to-use video editing software for the video editors. It has a concise, friendly and easy interface with a wide range of AI tools that help to make eye-catching, engaging visuals. Power Director is powerful and full of features software, which include advanced splitting, merging, multi-cam editing, video effects, cropping, and much more. There are various versions available of Power Director. Power Director is free but has limitations.

The ultra and ultimate provide features of a single-time purchase. The Power Director 365 has monthly and annual subscription plans for their users. The Power Director is a strong choice for beginners, pro content creators, and video editors. If you are searching for the best video editors which has AI features, choose Power director for video editing.

4. CapCut

Cap Cut is one of the best video editing software for beginners which was developed by Byte Dance, the same Chinese company that created Tiktok. It is designed for both mobile and PC. It has gained popularity because of its unique features, easy-to-understand interface, and auto-saving mood while video editing. The key feature of cap cut includes basic video editing tools such as trimming, cutting, and merging video clips that allow beginners to arrange and customize footage smoothly. The website offers a wide range of unique effects, filters, and transitions that enhance that visual content. The effects, filters, and transitions are:
  • Filter: Reindeer, Cozy Xmas, party tonight Loffy, and more.
  • Effects: Dizzy, Shake, Bluray scanning, diamond zoom, and more.
  • Transitions: comparison, flame, glare, burn, and more.
Moreover, it enables users to add music, sound effects, texts, and stickers to their videos that show creativity and personalization. If you are a beginner and want to edit video professionally, download CapCut for professional looking video editing.

5. IMovie

IMovie is a video editing software which is owned by Apple Inc. It is completely free video editing software that comes pre-installed on all Apple products. It is mostly used for basic video editing for YouTube videos such as reels, podcasts, shorts, documentaries, and much more. The video editing feature included in IMovie is it supports 4k resolutions, cloud storage, various filters for specific genres, a sound effects library and built-in music, voice recording, slow motion, time-lapse, and much more.

In terms of the interface of this software, it is simple and easy to understand. The premium video editing feature of this software is a simple drag-and-drop interface for moving any files from the drive to a video editing workstation. Furthermore, the best advantage of IMovie for the beginners is that the materials can be saved on iCloud and the user can work on different Apple devices.  If you are looking for the best free video editing software for YouTube, IMovie is the premium choice to choose.

6. ClipChamp

ClipChamp is an online video editing Software that offers a kind of interface that makes it easy to navigate and edit videos. There are various video editing features that ClipChamp offers such as trimming and cutting to remove unnecessary parts, filters, unique effects, and adding text and titles to the videos that provides a professional look to the video. Additionally, it provides the adjustment speed feature of the video to make extraordinary slow-motion and fast-motion effects.

Furthermore, ClipChamp has a stock media library with a variety of images, music, and videos. It also offers multiple export options such as MOV, GIF, and MP4 that help to set video tone for different social media platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. If you are looking for a friendly video editing software which provides multiple advanced video editing features, choose ClipChamp to do video editing for any platform.


7. Kapwing

Kapwing is an interesting web-based video editing software that makes raw footage into extraordinarily engaging videos. This video editing software supports real-time collaboration to the beginners which makes it effective to work together with teammates and friends from anywhere. Additionally, it provides cloud-based storage for the projects to save which makes sure to continue editing across various devices.

In terms of interface, it has basic, simple and easy to understand interface for the beginners. It offers a variety of video editing tools in terms of video editing effects and tools which includes speed control, trim, cut, reserve, rotate and flip, resize, and more. In terms of filters, it provides color correction, vintage filters, grayscales, and more. Furthermore, in audio effects, it has added music and voice-over features. If you are searching for a simple and easy to use web based video editing software, Kapwing is the perfect choice.

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