What Business Category is a Podcast


A podcast is a type of digital media that comes under the category of online broadcasting or streaming. It’s a series of video and audio recordings which often focus on a particular topic that can be downloaded online. It can be a form of entertainment and getting knowledge. Podcasts have really been popular in the last decade. In terms of making a video podcast, it is crucial to choose the right category for growing a targeted audience. Much of the people and podcasters wonder about what business category is a podcast? So the podcast can fall under multiple business categories. The business categories depended on how it is monetized and structured.

A podcast can relate in different categories which depend on the content and its niche, such as media and entertainment, technology, education, etc. The podcast can also serve as a marketing tool for businesses such as advertising the products and services. This blog provides information and insights about what business category is a podcast categories that can apply into the video podcasts.

Business categories of Podcasts

Journalism and News

The podcasts that focus on providing news, journalism, reporting particular topics related to politics, global affairs, local news and current events fall into the journalism and news category. This category relates with the traditional broadcasters, publishers, and news media platforms that visualize the video content. These podcasts are produced by some news organizations and provide deep coverage of important issues related to news and journalism. It provides a deep analysis on various topics in the podcast. They provide the news, insights and knowledge for making money by their content and getting reach to the wider audience.


One of the podcasts category of the podcast is education because podcasts are also used for education and training purposes. These make podcasts as a part of the education and training industry. The Podcasts which are related to business, personal development and entrepreneurship might come under the business and education categories. These podcasts provide advice, tips, and strategies for viewers who are looking to improve their personal and professional lives by watching engaging podcasts. The various niche podcasts can provide educational content such as language learning, personal development, and professional training. These podcasts can come under the training and educational category which offers valuable knowledge, insights, interviews and instructions.

Media and Entertainment

One of the business categories that a podcast falls under is the media and entertainment category. It provides the platform for sharing knowledge, news, opinion, entertainment content on television and social media. The podcasts that are focused on entertainment like movies, TV shows, music, pop culture, they might all come under the media and entertainment category. These kinds of podcasts are usually narrative and aim to transfer engaging stories that capture the audience’s attention. There are various companies that produce these types of podcasts to monetize their content and reach a wider audience.

Marketing and Advertisement

One business category that a podcast comes under is marketing and advertising. Some products make their revenue through advertising and sponsorship. These kinds of podcasts can be counted under the advertising and marketing category. Many businesses or brands use podcasts to promote their products and services to a targeted audience. These products provide a platform to the brands and companies to make revenue by reaching their targeted audience through the commercial, ads and endorsements.

Personal Branding and Influencer Marketing

Some brands and companies use podcasts for building their personal brands and connecting with their audience. These podcasts are often related with the experiences, interests, and individual’s expertise that can come under the personal branding and influencer marketing category.

If you are a podcaster then how does the podcasts make money for you?

If you are wondering about how the podcasts make money, it is essential to know that it takes complete resources and time. The essential and important factor to make money from podcasts is through sponsorship. Podcast sponsorship can really be a beneficial way to earn money while giving valuable content to the audience. It involves collaborating with the companies or brands that provide an amount to advertise their products or services during the podcast. By partnering with sponsors, podcasters have the opportunity to not only earn money but also bring valuable products or services to the audience.
Another great way to make money through podcasts is doing affiliate marketing. The podcasters collaborate with companies and promote their products or services. When the audience purchases using the affiliated link, the podcaster or host can earn some commission.
It is recommended that promoted products or services should be relevant to the podcast’s niche and the audience’s interest. Moreover, affiliate marketing can be done on any kind of social media platform by sharing links in the description of the podcast video.

Popular Podcasts categories with examples


 Visual Arts

 Performing Arts







 Stand-up Comedy




 Language Learning


 Personal Finance

Health and Fitness


 Mental Health

 Fitness & Exercise


 World History

 American History

 Ancient History

Kids & Family

 Children’s Stories


 Family Life



 Food & Cooking

 Hobbies & Games


 Music History

 Music Interviews

 Music News

News & Politics

 National News

 International News

 Political Commentary

Religion & Spirituality




Society & Culture

 True Crime

 Social Commentary







Tech news



Apple Podcasts Categories


Health and fitness



Kids and Family

Society and culture






TV and films





Religion and Spirituality


Under all these apple categories there are multiple platforms offering subcategories like design, books, fashion and beauty and more. It is also important to keep in mind that podcasts provide multiple categories by overlapping and the categorization ultimately depends on the specific goals, content, and monetization strategies of the podcast.

Benefits of categorizing Podcast

There are multiple benefits of categorizing podcasts which includes:

Categorizing the podcasts can help to gain organic viewers when they search podcasts of a specific topic by keywords. By doing this, it can attract more viewers and cause visibility of the podcast. Another benefit of selecting the right category is that the podcast attracts the targeted audience in the particular niche of the podcast. The podcaster can build an engaging and loyal community and audience by targeting the right audience. Furthermore, there are many more benefits of categorizing podcasts such as it improves search ranking, provides better experience to the audience and it can benefit the podcaster to do branding and marketing of any product and service.


In conclusion, podcasts can serve various business categories. It serves as an important asset for businesses which seek to connect and reach new audiences. In terms of the independent podcasters, there are a lot of monetization strategies available which includes affiliate marketing advertisement, sponsorship, promotion of personal brand and services, selling merchandise and much more.

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