Top 5 Video Podcast Mistakes to Avoid In 2024


Podcast editing plays a crucial role in creating engaging and professional visual content. However, recording and editing mistakes by podcasters, which may negatively affect the expectations of viewers. In this blog, we will look deeply into the common mistakes by podcasters and solutions to avoid them.

Mistake 1: Lack of appropriate structural sequence

The common mistake is not having a clear structure for each episode. Without a well-defined structure, the podcast may lose its central point of discussion, which might not attract viewers.




 Research on the topic of discussion will reveal current information available on it. This way, various challenges and opportunities and future possibilities may be discussed according to the topic of discussion.

Strong Start: 

Start with attractive introduction that hooks the audience and sets the tone for the episode. Moreover, the major clips or top clips of the podcast could be shown at the start of podcast, and this may increase the watch time.

Breakdown of the Podcast:

Making prior plan of each topic and break-down podcast intro interesting sections will help to retain interest of viewer. It will also assist in achieving versatility of the podcast and various sub-topics could be covered in limited span of time.

Time Management:

Limiting each part of podcast as per prior plan in very important. It will help to discuss all of the sub-topics within given time limit.

Mistake 2: Ineffective video recording

Podcasters perform various recording mistakes, which play highly important role in low engagement of any podcast, including inappropriate camera angles, single track recording, and appropriate light.

While recording and editing the video podcast, podcasters make some serious mistakes, which are necessary to avoid.

A. Camera Angle

One of the major mistake is ignoring the importance of camera angles. Choosing the right camera angle can significantly enhance the visual appeal of the podcast. For example, a wide-angle shot can capture the entire set, while a close-up shot can point out facial expressions and emotions of single person.



Before the actual recording, rehearsal may be performed to experiment various angles and keep best angles for actual recording of podcast.

B. Single-track recording

Another mistake is recording everything on a single track. While recording on a single track, editor cannot cut unnecessary scenes and acts; for example, to cut sneezing by any guest recorded on the same track, needs to cut whole scene.

recording-podcast mistake-


The solution is to record audio and video separately. These separate tracks can be synchronized by putting some extra effort, but will maintain the overall quality of final outcome.  Moreover, recording on separate tracks offers flexibility during the editing process. For example, in case of multiple cameras and microphones in the podcast, recording them on separate tracks allows to adjust the volume, remove unnecessary acts, or edit each raw material individually. It will make a polished and professional final Recording.

c. Improper Lightening

Improper lighting in a video podcast can impact the overall quality of the visual content. When the lighting is insufficient, it can make the video look dim, shadowy, or even grainy. It can distract viewers and make it harder for them to engage with the content.


Good lighting can significantly enhance the visual quality of a podcast and make it more enjoyable for your audience. There are a few simple solutions to tackle this mistake, such as considering natural light whenever possible. Invest in some affordable studio lights if natural light is unavailable or insufficient. These lights are specifically designed for video recording and can help create more professional visual content for the podcast.

Mistake 3: Noisy Audio Recording

Focus on the audio quality is an essential aspect of generating high-quality podcasts. However, poor audio quality can be a crucial obstacle for listeners.

  1. Not having a proper stand to fix mics that create jerk noise.
  2. Not having a mic filter that makes air noise in audio recording.
  3. Losing pins or plugging them in the wrong port creates a jitter noise.
  4. Some rooms have an echo that creates echoic sounds during the recording.
audio-recording- podcast


Investing in a good microphone is key. A high-quality microphone can significantly improve a podcast’s clarity and overall sound. It helps capture the voice with greater precision and reduces background noise. The solution of the following mistakes includes:

  1. The podcaster should have a proper stand to fix mics to record crystal-clear audio.
  2. Mic should have a filter while recording audio that ensures recording audio without air noise.
  3. To Record audio without jitter noise, it should have proper or brand new pins to record high-quality audio and be plugged into the correct port.
  4. Renovate the room by placing anechoic panels to remove the echoic audio recordings.

Mistake 4: Low quality video editing

Few podcasts have high quality content, but their visual representation is very low, due to low quality editing. The low quality footage as a B-rolls or even addition of irrelevant B-rolls may distract the viewer. Moreover, usage of transitions, intro, outro and export setting are very significant features of editing and their inappropriate use may damage the quality of podcast.



Mistake 5: Lack of social media promotion

If the podcast is well structured, high quality sound is used and its video is edited in professional manner, yet it cannot reach to masses until its appropriate promotion through social media handles. The social media users is more than 4.72 billion and without proper representation of podcast on social media platforms, it is less likely to be succeeded.

lack of social media promotion- podcast mistake - sambaravid


Creation of short clips and vertical reels and sharing through social media will definitely grow the viewership of podcast. So, professionally edited reels and shorts from key points of the podcast are necessary to share via social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram.

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